Who am I?

Jean Valjean!


Just kidding. Although if you get that you are probably my kind of people!

I am a high school English and Humanities teacher in Western Australia. Formerly a failed journalist, I still have a great passion for the world around me and sharing my passions, which is what led me to teaching. My passions include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

  1. I live to read. Anything and everything. I love the smell of old books, of finding a tiny little bookstore filled with yellowing musty volumes and of seeing the excitement in someone’s eyes when you share what you loved about a book that they’ve read.
  2. I love the magic of old Hollywood, discovering the allure of Bogart, Grant and Holden while smiling at the never again seen talents of Mr Fred Astaire and Mr Gene Kelly all the while marvelling at the wonder that is Audrey.
  3. Off this I also love the theatre, musicals particularly. I have a running list of artists and plays that I dream of seeing live (looking at you Audra/Sutton/Idina!) and the first chance I get to save money I am heading to New York to just marvel at those bright lights on Broadway.
  4. I am also a massive nerd comic book/sci fi/fantasy nerd, at the moment particularly in Batman, Star Wars, Firefly, Sailor Moon, Tolkien and ASOIAF. “Read the book first” is one of my life mottos, and I will pretty much fall in love with anyone who not just tolerates but also contributes to my geeking out while watching movie/TV adaptations of my favourite stories. One of my life dreams is to  go to San Diego Comic Con dressed as a Martell or Harley Quinn to revel in the awesomeness and shake down GRRM until I have in my hands The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.
  5. I love living in Perth, Western Australia. Despite the sometimes frustration that nothing happens here and that I want to explore greener pastures I know that at the end of the day there’s no place like home!
  6. I’m positively crazy about all things sporting. My ultimate dream in life is to be sitting next to Charles Barkley on the TNT Toyota Halftime Show during the NBA Finals, rendering him speechless with my brilliant arguments about accepting Gregg Popovich as his lord and saviour, an why Derrick Rose still deserves that MVP trophy. 

In a nutshell I am this: passionate about the things and people I love, and eager to share my passion with the world. I hope you enjoy looking into my little corner of the world as much as I enjoy taking you there!


PS: These are things that happened when I was more time-wealthy (read: unemployed) and had time to dedicate to my writing and blog:




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