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Hello October!


Things that I want to accomplish this month include:

  • Finish reading the Thone of Glass series by Sarah J Maas – I’m addicted and currently in the middle of Heir of Fire (book 3).
  • Swimming at the pools a minimum of 1km per session, and at least three times a week.
  • Eating at least two pieces of fruit per day, and at least two servings of vegetables per day. Doctor says I have dangerously low iron levels so I’m looking to completely revamp my diet, starting with a new love of mushrooms and spinach!
  • Going to the beach at least four times this month. I’m ridiculous, the second the sun comes out a light goes off in my head saying “well. must be summer, time for thongs and bathers and sand and seaweed!”
  • Walking/running at least once a day – again. with the aforementioned revamp. I call it “Operation Hottie.” I’m also doing the Colour Run on the first of November, which I know is more fun than run, but I still want to do well!
  • Keep my bedroom clean. End of term saw me doing a lot of mindless dressing in the mornings without any time for laundry at night, resulting in the Everest of dirty clothes piles in my bedroom.
  • Stick to my Lorna Jane Active Planner – it’s all pink and amazing, and the core of my 12 week aim/Operation Hottie for the next three months. And on that note..
  • Lose at least 2cm from some measurement in my Lorna Jane planner. I’m trying hard to remember it’s less about weight and more about how my clothes fit me (especially with all my swimming making my arms so BUFF), but who doesn’t want to see that number on the scale go down? And finally:
  • Watch my darling Eagles take the flag this Saturday!

Hope you had a fantastic September and that your plans for the last three months of the year are coming along great! Just 12 weeks until Christmas!(shudder)



Friday Five: Summertime Series (Day 34)

Sweltering heat plus holidays equals a lot of indoor time. While I occasionally spend that time at friend’s houses or at movies, more often than not I sprawl out on the couch or my bed and turn to my favourite summer time TV shows.

The following five I watch year round. They always make me feel warmer, and in the mood to sit at the beach discussing relationship problems and solving mysteries with a bottle of wine.

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  1. Summerland
  2. The OC
  3. Cougar Town
  4. Laguna Beach
  5. Veronica Mars

Also see:

Hope you enjoy the sunshine while it lasts in this unseasonably cloudy and cool January so far!


Pictures of the Week (Day 14)

So again, a little late with my daily post, but been having a very busy week with dinners and outings and what not. I finally got myself to the beach despite being on holidays for three weeks, and went on not one but three Christmas dinners this week, with Gucce being the nicest (in my opinion). I can’t resist getting the gnocchi whenever I have Italian food, and last night’s was probably the second best that I have ever had.

Beach time the day before was great also, however abnormally for me I sat on the sand instead of swimming. Usually I’m of the “swim in any body of water” mindset, but Cottesloe was rather wavy and cold, so I didn’t want to swim alone. We had dinner at Amber Jack’s (fish and chips) which was also very, very good though we sat indoors instead of on the beach. I’m not usually a big fan of Cottesloe because of it always being crowded and touristy, but a beach is a beach, and I found that going later in the day (we got there at 6pm) makes it better.

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Hope you are having a great weekend!

How to Have the Best Summer Ever, Part 1 (Day 5)

Busselton Jetty, hope to go here this summer!

My friend Anna and I got together today to swap book and TV show and stories, both of up having finished uni for the year and not having much else to do or money to do it with. We ended up watching Midnight in Paris with some Subway and cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop (just because) and trying to decide what to do for the summer. Being on similar budgets and time constraints (although she has a job already for next year) made it easy for us to hype each other up about making this the best summer ever. We decided to go home today and make a list of everything we wanted to do this summer, and then collaborate and see how much of it is affordable and doable.

So here is my list, hopefully I can get around to doing most of the things on there!

  • Picnic (Beach, Park, River)
  • Movies By Burswood
  • Kings Park Outdoor Movies
  • Beach
  • Barbeque
  • Sporting Events: Cricket (Perth Scorchers), Soccer (Perth Glory), Basketball (Perth Wildcats)
  • Road Trip (Augusta, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Albany, Dunsborough)
  • Movies (The Hobbit, Anchorman 2, Frozen, Saving Mr Banks, The Book Thief)
  • Movie Marathon (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Fast and the Furious, James Bond, Men In Black)
  • Music concerts
  • Chocolate factory
  • Wineries
  • Perth Hills
  • Theatre
  • AQWA
  • Perth Zoo
  • Art Gallery
  • Museum
  • Crown Casino
  • Horse Races/Greyhounds

Hope my plans turn into realities soon!

SUMMER Day One: Youthful Excitement

Today is December 1st. December 1st in Australia means SUMMER!!

I love summer, it just makes me so happy. I love the sun, the beach, the music, the sports, the parties, just everything.

And even though this is a years old movie now, not to mention part of the High School Musical franchise, this is the song that blares in my head every time I think of the fun I want to have this summer (particularly that first ten seconds or so, just epitomises my longing for the sun!)

Off to do something summery!


PS: I am going to attempt to blog every day this summer. Hopefully I will be too busy to post more than the song that is in my head or a quick list, but the goal is there. Wish me luck!

Summer Intentions Circa 2011 (and 2013/14)

So while browsing my old documents I found this, from August 2011 for Summer 2011/12. I have a feeling I would have been in the midst of a serious winter funk, very similar to my current one, although some of the items are a little out there for me anyway:

Summer Bucket List

  1. Take photos everyday chronicling my summer
  2. Compile said photos into an epic photo album
  3. See the Monkey Mia Dolphins
  4. Fill up an entire colouring book
  5. Participate in a charity walk/run/event
  6. Do 50 sit ups every day
  7. Eat a different fruit every day of the week
  8. Buy a pet goldfish
  9. Finish a new book every fortnight
  10. Play a real game of poker with real money
  11. Watch a foreign film
  12. Stay out all night and watch the sun come up
  13. Drive to Augusta
  14. Bonfire on the beach
  15. Lord of the Rings marathon
  16. Repaint my bedroom
  17. Go to the art gallery
  18. Beach Picnic x4
  19. Get a job at a bookstore
  20. Join a sporting team
  21. Go to Tiffany’s
  22. Go to a concert
  23. Buy a bouquet of flowers
  24. Spend an entire day in the garden
  25. Hold a dinner party

 I really want to do this come summertime, only three short months away. Hopefully I remember everything here, I rather think that it would make for a very entertaining summer, especially as my last summer before I (fingers crossed) become gainfully employed.

Those Who Can’t Do

nd beach

This is where I ate my lunch today during my second break between classes.

Besides the naked child wandering away from his tourist parents and the yelling between two groups of beach goers over whether one of them was a “Kiwi C-word” I managed to sit and relax listening to the sounds of The OC Mix 5 (one of my all time favourite albums) and realize how incredibly lucky I was to be essentially starting fresh in such a wonderful place at a university where I can leave my class on a 45 degree day and step into the best smelling sea breeze in the world.

One of the reflective questions given by my Planning, Pedagogy and Assessment (yep that’s a mouthful) tutor today was “What are the reasons that you have chosen to become a teacher?”

As the rest of the class fell into silence writing their responses, it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually actively said “I want to teach.” And in a way I suppose I never really wanted to, even though I have been very lucky with the teachers that have taught me and have almost a million (actual fact) relatives and friends who went into the profession. I won’t lie, when I was first leaving school I considered it only for the benefit of all those holidays; I can’t bear the thought of having just four weeks off a year and am awe of people who survive like that, yet more evidence that I am lucky/spoiled. But as my uni studies progressed and I buried myself deeper in the worlds of Westeros, of Phillip Marlowe and Bilbo Baggins, and Hercule Poirot I realized just how much I love and thrive in the world of words and stories, and that my dream was not to be a world famous journalist but simply to be able to spend all day talking about books. All my friends know how excited I get when they’ve finally finished a book I’ve read and I get the opportunity to pepper them with questions about it. What did they like about it, who did they most hate, what part made you have a physical reaction (one of my all time favourite things about reading is when a book makes me cry or actually Laugh Out Loud, or throw it down in disgust or shock accompanied by a loud “no way,” which happened the most emphatically at the end of A Dance With Dragons). Even when I come across people on the bus, and it has happened before when I was reading On The Road, I have been able to share the reading experience with them and be constantly amazed that no matter how different people are they are linked through space and time by the books that they read. It excites me to think that a book I first read when I was 13 and that was first published in the 1950s can be enjoyed by kids now, and in the future.

So to answer my tutor’s question, I don’t think I have necessarily chosen to be a teacher. I have chosen to spend my life (hopefully) showing teenagers the world of literature not just through books but music and movies, and sharing with them my passion and excitement for it which I hope manages to rub off just a tiny bit.

And now I am off to my final class of the day, and most anticipated, English!