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10 Years Later, There’s A Little Bit Of ‘Friends’ In All Of Us

Greatest of all time. Even now, as many times as I have seen every episode of the show, it still has the ability to make me howl with laughter even in my darkest moments.
Love your friends just as much as you love your Friends!

Thought Catalog

As the 10th anniversary of the beloved sitcom’s final episode airing approaches, we take a look back at our favorite Friends that truly grew to become an integral part of our lives—or maybe they already were, all along.


1. Chandler

Chandler embodies the slight awkwardness in each and every one of us: the one who uses puns to get out of sticky situations, fart noises to ruin sentimental moments, and a weird sense of humor to mask our insecurities.  Plus, would any of us really be able to come up with a better response than “Gum would be perfection?” if trapped in a bank vestibule with Jill Goodacre?

2. Monica

Monica is the part of us that knows that it is perfectly okay to like things a certain way and to slightly freak out if everything is not precisely to our pleasure… Even if this means having 11…

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What Shakespeare Taught Me: In Text and Film

I love Shakespeare and I loved this, has inspired me to write some of my own stuff on my favourite plays and lessons from his works. I recently watched Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing which just blew me away, having not read the play beforehand but instead reading along with it while watching the movie. Right this second, my favourites are probably Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest, but that will probably change by next week!

Hope you’re having a good one!

Thought Catalog

Before the commencement of my undergraduate career, the name Shakespeare conjured thoughts of archaic language and complicated plotlines.  Four years later, I am preparing to write my thesis on this playwright and am waiting for a free moment to read Will of the World:  How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare.  Obviously this is not to say that I find every work of Shakespeare brilliant but there are a select few plays that admittedly impacted my life and worldview in various ways.  I cannot deny however that as much as I appreciate the text, the film versions of the plays only enhanced my understanding and love of this playwright’s work.  If you’re at all hesitant to embrace Shakespeare, I have included my favorite film versions—all of which highlight Shakespeare’s talent as not only a playwright, but as a philosopher and intellect.

1.  Hamlet 

Love, betrayal, death, power struggles…this play has it all. …

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Thought Catalog Thursday: 10 Struggles Every Female Sports Fan Knows

This is my life. I almost take it as a point of pride when guys are surprised at the level of my sports devotion and knowledge, while at the same time insulted that they think that little of me and the range of my interests. One of the funniest things that often happens to me as well in the course of my WAFL writing is people saying “You must meet a lot of guys” to which I answer (a) no, I actually don’t and (b), the WAFL and AFL footballers that I have met are almost the opposite of the guys I do like.
Sports is in my DNA, as a proud Saf girl I think I may have been disowned by my hockey/rugby/football/ice skating/basketball family if I was anything less than passionate!


Thought Catalog

Aspen Photo / Shutterstock.comAspen Photo / Shutterstock.com

1. No, we’re not “into this” to “impress some guy.”

I honestly have yet to meet “some guy” who is actually impressed by the kind of grotesque screaming that happens when you mix a female sports fan with beer, a bar or a stadium, and her team. (If you are this guy, call me.) It is an otherworldly transformation like the veela of Harry Potter’s lore, especially when her team is down. There is something completely wonderful in being able to just express ourselves so loudly. Everyone should do this more often.

2. We don’t need help understanding what’s going on, but thanks for your concern.

Sports are actually pretty simple. They have to be in order for so many rules to be remembered by the people who are more focused on getting a ball from one end of a field to another. Even if you…

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21 Things You Suddenly Start Wanting In Your Mid-20s

I want all of these things, and since it is my birthday month hopefully some of them come into being!

Thought Catalog

Once you have officially retired from your Crazy Girl self (or Crazy Guy, as the case may be), you start strangely desiring things that had never really crossed your mind before — or which had always seemed boring. Here, 21 things your mid-20s self wants desperately.

1. A job where you have to wear something nice. It used to be that you would avoid getting “dressed up” during the day at all costs, and would scuffle into class wearing all but a Hefty bag and some Ugg boots, but now you want to have a reason to shop at Banana Republic. You dream of a flawless statement-necklace-and-shift-dress combo.

2. Sangria. The phrase “I hear they have a good sangria here” has crossed your lips on more occasions than you’d like to admit.

3. At least a few hours of precious weekend time to browse home decorating websites, like West Elm…

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27 Signs You Will Always Love The Harry Potter Books (Day 12)

Again, another Thought Catalog list by Ella Ceron that reflects part of my life. I’m currently reading “The Casual Vacancy” and there is a lot tonally that mirrors Harry Potter. And as we know, Harry Potter is everything.


Thought Catalog

1. Few things make you feel as old as the fact that the first book was published 16 years ago.

2. But few things make you feel as young as the opening line that “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say…”

3. You can recite the rest of the opening line by memory.

4. One of the best things about having kids will be when you can read the books to them at bedtime.

5. You have fond, fond memories of waiting until midnight at a bookstore to get your copy of the latest book.

6. You still remember how many hours (not days) it took you to read each new book, and that it was a badge of honor to be in the 8 hours or less club when The Order of the Phoenix went on sale.

7. Any orange cat not named…

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39 Things That Only People With Glasses Understand (Day 7)

Feeling a little lazy today, I had a big yet very fun day and I am absolutely exhausted. I was reading through a bunch of old emails and came across one of about a billion lists from Thought Catalog that more than any other recently, I found myself identifying strongly.

Yours truly, with my long term visual companions
Yours truly, with my long term visual companions

So here is a little insight into my life as a visually impaired individual. I first started wearing glasses for what my optometrist deemed “galloping” myopia (meaning extreme short-sightedness that degenerates quickly) when I was six. I started wearing contacts when I was about eight or nine, with my mum having to put them in my eyes for me for longer than I’m proud of. You know how people joke about this glasses being coke bottle glasses? That is accurate in my case. My eyesight is so bad, (-10.0 for anyone who is familiar) that I have to wear thick rimmed frames to contain my lenses, I was doing it way before it was hipster fashionable and it annoys me to no end when I see people wearing glasses for fashion and not function. It is so bad that my optometrist and I were joyful when I went a whole year with less than a -0.5 change. It is so bad that my optometrist has to send away to the eastern states to get my lenses specially made. It is so bad that I’m convinced that laser surgery would be ineffective, my eyes would still just get worse and worse. My eyesight is so bad, and still getting worse albeit at a slower rate (high school and the start of uni was probably my worst period for changes) that I’m also almost convinced that one day I’m going to wake up and not be able to see anymore, and it scares me that I treat that as more of an inevitability than a worst case scenario. Continue reading 39 Things That Only People With Glasses Understand (Day 7)