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Thursday?! It can’t be! It’s too gruesome!

I have been having an awfully hectic kind of day, and then remembered this from my dear Holly. I think I like the idea of Thursdays being gruesome, but mostly because it is giving me only one day a week on which to have a whinge. I tend to over-whinge, so it’d be good for me to limit myself. Although I suppose I should really go the other way, give myself something to be grateful for in the face of a gruesome day. Yes, that’s probably wiser.

SO today, even though it has been particularly gruesome, at least I have this face to come home to:

Meet Atticus. 


This one: img_0213


He does make me smile!

Hope your Thursday is not too gruesome!



Pictures of the Week (Day 14)

So again, a little late with my daily post, but been having a very busy week with dinners and outings and what not. I finally got myself to the beach despite being on holidays for three weeks, and went on not one but three Christmas dinners this week, with Gucce being the nicest (in my opinion). I can’t resist getting the gnocchi whenever I have Italian food, and last night’s was probably the second best that I have ever had.

Beach time the day before was great also, however abnormally for me I sat on the sand instead of swimming. Usually I’m of the “swim in any body of water” mindset, but Cottesloe was rather wavy and cold, so I didn’t want to swim alone. We had dinner at Amber Jack’s (fish and chips) which was also very, very good though we sat indoors instead of on the beach. I’m not usually a big fan of Cottesloe because of it always being crowded and touristy, but a beach is a beach, and I found that going later in the day (we got there at 6pm) makes it better.

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Hope you are having a great weekend!