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Hell is teaching in a heatwave with no power..


The power went out at school yesterday, leaving more than 1000 teachers and students suffering in a 40+ degree day with no air-conditioning.. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being around young adults during hot weather, but there are two things main things to know:

  1. They do absolutely no work whatsoever
  2. They smell. 

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Dear Social Media of Australia

Dear Andrea, thanks for voting, love Australia

Did you know there’s this thing called the economy?  The economy is how we pay for everything; schools, hospitals, roads, infrastructure, defence, pretty much everything you buy or take part in has at one stage contributed to or benefited from the economy.

When Peter Costello was treasurer, the Australian government had a billion dollar surplus fund that was set aside for a rainy day, accumulated during John Howard’s entire term as Prime Minister. So for 11 years and eight months a Liberal government invested in the economy and gave the country stability and security. 

In Kevin Rudd’s first term, so just three years, that fund was drained. I don’t know about you, but I rather enjoy being able to buy and sell things, and help contribute to my country’s stability and security instead of seeing that money poorly spent, and in a short amount of time.

Fair enough Tony Abbott has said some awful things. So did Howard, so did about a million other leaders who went on to successfully run their country. but regarding those things, what has Abbott done to you? And not to your social identity as an Australian woman or a gay man, but specifically as Jane Doe, a 23 year old uni student with no job. Has something he has said affected your life specifically and personally? Most likely not.
There is a reason our legislative is bicameral; even if Abbott wanted to pass a law taxing birth control or something else ridiculous that I have heard people moaning about, he has to get it passed in the Senate.

Also last I heard, Australia is about 50% female and Abbot won more than 50% of the country’s vote. Like it or not, money makes the world go ‘round and so it will always be the number one priority and election issue. If you vote for someone because of their policies and their effectiveness in running the country, fair enough, go nuts. I personally vote based on my electorate; if a candidate has been effective or if I think they can make the electorate in which I live a better place? Then I vote for them.
But if you’re voting for someone purely based on whether you like them superficially? Because you want them to be the first female prime minister or because you don’t like the way someone speaks in one of the hundreds of interviews they do daily? That is just dumb.

Yes Abbott has said things that are concerning. But actions and words are two very different things. You can post all the “I’m moving to Canada” and sexism things you like; but are you actually going to? You can ether actively involve yourself if something bothers you or just sit back and watch and wait and do nothing.
I know which one I prefer,  and which one I prefer not seeing all over my social media platforms.
But then again, I’m a journalist; who am I to stop you from voicing your opinions. We live in a free country, and having a Liberal government is not going to change that.