Fast Five – Perth Wildcats vs Adelaide 36ers

In the 100th game played between two of the league’s most decorated teams it was Adelaide who picked up the upset win though they clearly were the better team on the night. Adam Ballinger in his 250th NBL game led his team in a very physical outing that erupted towards the end of the first half with former Perth boy Stephen Weigh shoving Shawn Redhage after the whistle. Weigh to his credit played a significant role in the downfall of his former team.

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Fast Five – Perth Wildcats vs Melbourne Tigers

After a long winter of football finally the sun has risen on another year of my true love, basketball. Putting lockout nastiness aside, tonight was the first home game for the Perth Wildcats’ 2011-12 championship campaign. There is a lot that can be said about the lead up to the game, the quality of the two sides and the difference in the preseason game between the two and tonight. Now however, and for season 2011-12 I’ve decided to do a fast five of the games or rounds I watch, five points of interest, noteworthy stat lines, astonishing behaviours about the game I love.

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What Would Audrey Do: The Beginning

Recently I succumbed to Amazon UK’s free shipping and bought about 20 or so books (I wish I was exaggerating). One of the ones I had been excitedly waiting for is Pamela Keogh’s What Would Audrey Do? Basically part biography part how to live like Audrey Hepburn bible. As a devoted fan of the great lady there are parts of her life and career that I would love to emulate; her strength in the face of adversity (and boy did she face adversity!), her level-headedness, her passion, her dedication. One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen I would love to have a figure like hers. Her characters and films are timeless, and an inspiration to millions everywhere. Continue reading What Would Audrey Do: The Beginning

Wonderful Afternoon For Loving

Wet grass.

Seemingly harmless old ladies screaming “Haselby you wanker!!”

Flag boys.

The squeals of boyfriend chasers in heels running for cover while the regulars just pull on their ponchos and squint through the rain.

The kids and old men who try but can’t jump the fence.

The little girl who’s brothers won’t let her have a kick.

The physio girls flirting with the runner boys.

That one family who think it’s a good idea to feed the seagulls.

The little girl who then steals the ball from her brothers and ends up booting it further than either of them.

Watching the seagulls land in the middle of the ground, then fly away when the ball comes near them.

The first gamers, usually exchange students or adorable little English kids, who ask “is that a foul?”

The odd looks from people trying to figure out why this girl is taking notes in the rain, and who is she?

Umpires meticulously warming up.

Dodging bird poop.

The whining that kicks in at three quarter time.

Old men listening on the radio while they are watching the same game.

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I defy you to find a better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. WAFL footy, God I love it!

Extra Loud Fan Voice!

Mike Ellis celebrates the Wildcats' first cham...
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Writing an entry for the National Basketball League’s fan voice competition I somehow went about 250 words over and am now struggling to cut it down to 400 words. I always find it hard to make cuts especially when the piece is something that I’m passionate about, and something that I could literally talk about for hours! The topic is “Who will be the next big thing in the NBL” so as I try to edit and make sure the topic has been addressed here is my uncut answer, enjoy! Continue reading Extra Loud Fan Voice!

Supersonically Sleepless in Seattle

I am a massive sports sentimentalist. Everytime I see video of that penalty kick against Uruguay and hear the commentator yell “ALOISIIIIIIIII” I get chills. The night Glenn Archer, Mark Ricciuto, James Hird and Anthony Koutoufides were honoured at the Brownlow Medal Count in 2007 I was bawling like a baby at their tribute videos. Screaming bloody murder all though the 2005 AFL grand final and again in 2006, with tears of joy coming at the Daniel Chick smother and watching Ben Cousins and Drew Banfield get their premiership medals. And let’s not get started with the basketball-related incidents which are by far way too numerous to mention, though I can’t resist a few. From the Perth Wildcats come from behind semi-final win on the Gold Coast last year en route to their fifth championship, pretty much any time I’m in the presence of Ricky Grace, and Derrick Rose’s MVP speech. I defy anyone to watch that and not tear up. Continue reading Supersonically Sleepless in Seattle

August(a) Blues

Around this time last year one of my best friends and I ventured down to her house in Augusta for a few days of rainy walks, fireside Scrabble and watching dolphins surf. (Sidenote: what is is about dolphins that make every girl just squeal like a seven year old at the sight of them?) So much fun and such a beautiful place, nestled between the river and the sea. I would go every weekend if I were able to (and if my friend let me =P). I love going down south on road trips, I’m longing to go on one as soon as summer hits. Only just found the cable for my older than time digital camera and remembered the beautiful pictures of a little town that I would gladly relocate to (and that has the BEST fish and chip shop around!). Attention said best friend: we must go down again soon, weather and other things permitting so I can take a billion more photos!

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Lizzie and Miranda


In the last few months I’ve been weeding out an enormously extensive book and DVD collection, selling and giving away to friends and family. The other week I came across a box set of Lizzie McGuire season two that was bought impulsively (how else!) at a Toys ‘R’ Us on a trip to the city in year ten or 11. About to put it on my chuck away pile I

remembered someone who would have been perfect for me to give the box set to. She’s been on a Nick Toon binge of late (or at least that’s what her Facebook tells me) and Iremember seeing on a blog post of hers that she had been searching for Lizzie McGuire on DVD to add to her also extensive collection. It was even her birthday not too long ago so this would have been the perfect present for her!

Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Here We Cooooooome!!

In 'The OC' this is the Bait Shop club.
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When the weather gets this kind of chilly and all you want to do is snuggle up and hibernate there’s really only one place I like to go. It’s nothing like where you live, and nothing like you imagine.  

There are many TV shows that I know will put me in certain moods. When I’m feeling in need of cheering up I go straight to “Friends” or “Parks and Recreation.” When I’m feeling lost its “Gilmore Girls.” When I’m in the mood to look for clues and solve mysteries it’s “Veronica Mars” that I will head to. As this dreary and frosty weather continues I head west; first with one of my new favourites in “90210” but the main event on these winter days is always, always, always only one show. Continue reading Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Here We Cooooooome!!

Wide Eyes and Itchy Feet

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I want to see the world. I think that may have been part of the reason why I chose to do journalism at university. Though another reason may have been my longstanding secret desire to become Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars, Phillip Marlowe or any sort of plucky and quick witted detective, and journalism seems like a good starting point for that. Continue reading Wide Eyes and Itchy Feet

It's useful being top banana in the shock department.