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Hello October!


Things that I want to accomplish this month include:

  • Finish reading the Thone of Glass series by Sarah J Maas – I’m addicted and currently in the middle of Heir of Fire (book 3).
  • Swimming at the pools a minimum of 1km per session, and at least three times a week.
  • Eating at least two pieces of fruit per day, and at least two servings of vegetables per day. Doctor says I have dangerously low iron levels so I’m looking to completely revamp my diet, starting with a new love of mushrooms and spinach!
  • Going to the beach at least four times this month. I’m ridiculous, the second the sun comes out a light goes off in my head saying “well. must be summer, time for thongs and bathers and sand and seaweed!”
  • Walking/running at least once a day – again. with the aforementioned revamp. I call it “Operation Hottie.” I’m also doing the Colour Run on the first of November, which I know is more fun than run, but I still want to do well!
  • Keep my bedroom clean. End of term saw me doing a lot of mindless dressing in the mornings without any time for laundry at night, resulting in the Everest of dirty clothes piles in my bedroom.
  • Stick to my Lorna Jane Active Planner – it’s all pink and amazing, and the core of my 12 week aim/Operation Hottie for the next three months. And on that note..
  • Lose at least 2cm from some measurement in my Lorna Jane planner. I’m trying hard to remember it’s less about weight and more about how my clothes fit me (especially with all my swimming making my arms so BUFF), but who doesn’t want to see that number on the scale go down? And finally:
  • Watch my darling Eagles take the flag this Saturday!

Hope you had a fantastic September and that your plans for the last three months of the year are coming along great! Just 12 weeks until Christmas!(shudder)



Andrea’s First Fun Run!

So I have just gotten back from my first fun run (with little to no preparation)! 4km for the HBF Run for a Reason  here in Perth. I have been wanting to do one for awhile, and although my lead in was not at all what I would have liked, my results turned out better than I expected.

I went with my best friend who is a hardcore runner (she’s in a running club and told me her 4km PB was 23 minutes!!) so I knew I was already pushing myself, and we put ourselves in the “C” category which had a suggested race time of 35-45 minutes. My goal was to finish in under 50 minutes (this coming from someone who’s usual outdoor 5km is one whole hour..) but I ended up with a time of 42:19! AND this would have been lower had it not been for all the prams and walkers I had to dodge and try get in front of, as well as the gravel on the last 1km at Gloucester Park (I had planned to try actually run as opposed to power walk the last kilometre, but figured that gravel+running+Andrea=falling.)
For my first one I think I did well, next time I think I’m going to try get under 40 minutes, but baby steps I know! I had fun, listened to Gilmore Guys the whole way instead of music but I was more just looking around trying not to bump into people. The route was great and I had a lot of fun (except for the “getting up early on my Sunday” part).
Feeling great, hope you all are too!
Andrea20150524_114034 So_apparently_this_is_a_thing_I_m_doing_now...

Friday Five: Fictional Fanatic

Happy Friday everyone! Summer in Perth means there is sport a-plenty, and when it gets too hot to go outside while waiting for the next Australian Open match to start, I turn to my many fictional loves. This week I’ll spotlight five (or probably more) of my favourite fictional sporting teams/figures.

Dillon High Panthers


East Compton High Clovers/Rancho Carne High Toros


Average Joe’s/Globo Gym Purple Cobras

Tree Hill High Ravens

Mighty Ducks (couldn’t pick between animated
or Gordon Bombay, until this:) 


Who do you love to support? How are you spending your weekend?


Music Monday: The Cup of Life

I am a soccer (football, shush!) obsessive, and even though the Socceroos are going to have it so rough this year (there’s a line of betting of them not scoring a single goal all tournament), I am still so so excited for this Thursday! I have been listening to these three songs repeatedly all this week, and I think they are the perfect tracks to inspire that sporting passion, that national pride and absolute wonder that comes with the World Cup.

The Cup of Life – Ricky Martin (1998)



Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) – Shakira (2010)
(This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, and even though I have not lived in South Africa for 23 years, I still have such pride at being Saf and having had the biggest event in the world held in South Africa four years ago)



La La La (Brazil 2014) – Shakira featuring Carlinhos Brown (2014)
(Yes, I know that this is not the offical World Cup song for this year, but I’m not really a fan of that on as much as I worship at the altar of Jennifer Lopez)

Here is the official 2014 World Cup song, by Pitbull featuring Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte:


Hope your team does well this World Cup! My money this year is on the host nation (Brazil) or the Dutch, though I think the African nations can pull off a few surprise results too.


Pumped for Game Four (Music Monday: NBA Edition)

So I just came across this amazing song on a Chicago Bulls Tumblr page, and I may have already played it 33 times pumping myself up for Game Four. For those who don’t know, I am a massive Chicago Bulls fan, have been ever since my uncle let me play his NBA ’96 Playstation 1 game and all the way through the Andres Nocioni/PJ Brown/Chris Duhon days right up to the saga of Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and the championship that could (should/will) be.

However living as I do all the way in little ol’ Perth, I have to stay up for a 1am tip off. Okay, I probably don’t have to stay up, but my love for this team makes it impossible for me not to. I am after all the same girl who stayed up until 6am from a 2am tip off last year against the Nets in double overtime.

So dear friends, I will apologise ahead of time if you happen to hear me yelling all the way from wherever in the world you are. Goodnight and go Bulls!

Thought Catalog Thursday: 10 Struggles Every Female Sports Fan Knows

This is my life. I almost take it as a point of pride when guys are surprised at the level of my sports devotion and knowledge, while at the same time insulted that they think that little of me and the range of my interests. One of the funniest things that often happens to me as well in the course of my WAFL writing is people saying “You must meet a lot of guys” to which I answer (a) no, I actually don’t and (b), the WAFL and AFL footballers that I have met are almost the opposite of the guys I do like.
Sports is in my DNA, as a proud Saf girl I think I may have been disowned by my hockey/rugby/football/ice skating/basketball family if I was anything less than passionate!


Thought Catalog

Aspen Photo / Shutterstock.comAspen Photo /

1. No, we’re not “into this” to “impress some guy.”

I honestly have yet to meet “some guy” who is actually impressed by the kind of grotesque screaming that happens when you mix a female sports fan with beer, a bar or a stadium, and her team. (If you are this guy, call me.) It is an otherworldly transformation like the veela of Harry Potter’s lore, especially when her team is down. There is something completely wonderful in being able to just express ourselves so loudly. Everyone should do this more often.

2. We don’t need help understanding what’s going on, but thanks for your concern.

Sports are actually pretty simple. They have to be in order for so many rules to be remembered by the people who are more focused on getting a ball from one end of a field to another. Even if you…

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Friday Five: Greatest Non-Champions (Day 83)

Greatest NBA Players* To Never Win A Title

*Let me first preface this by saying, this is based largely on players that I have seen play live, not old videos, so really it’s my list of greatest players never to win a title. I haven’t seen much if any of the NBA prior to 2004 so my thoughts are based on that. Let me again emphasise this: I am making my list up of players that I have watched live. So feel free to educate me! I am also not going to include current players who are still in the midst of their careers such as Dwight Howard or Carmelo Anthony (though I make an exception for Steve Nash because as much as it pains me to admit I feel his time is coming) I will also here admit to a teenage love for Luke Walton after watching one of the Detroit/Lakers finals games where he must have played almost average or something. So clearly I am not too discriminating in my tastes but hopefully this week’s list is a little more educated than that.

Reggie Miller
I feel that this is all that needs to be said about Reggie Miller:

Karl Malone (and I’ll also add here John Stockton though I’ve never seen him play)

Steve Nash

In 2010 and at age 36 Steve Nash beat three point guards in their early 20s in the All Star weekend Skills Challenge. While yes, there are certainly other things that hold a lot more merit; this is still one of the ones I love most about Nash. How many people wish he had stayed in Phoenix now, especially this season?

Charles Barkley (I haven’t seen him play, but from old games I have seen and of course Space Jam this seems like a no brainer. I am of course joking about Space Jam.

Dikembe Mutombo

Honourable Mentions (retired or near): Tracy McGrady, Brandon Roy, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, Grant Hill

Honourable Mentions (current): Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard

Players formerly on my list: Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd

Let me know what you think! Who have I missed (of the era I’ve covered)?


Friday Five: Happy Valentine’s Day to my true love (Day 76)

I personally am of the belief that you should spoil the person you love most every day of the year, and not just on February 14th. So for Valentine ’s Day this year I am giving to you all moments of deep, meaningful and true love for me: sporting related incidents. These are a tiny, TINY selection of sporting moments that have truly moved me, and that represent everything that I truly love about sport.

  1. Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd win their first championship with the Dallas Mavericks at the end of the first year of Miami’s Big Three.
    This win had the added bonus of depriving LeBron and company of a championship, but I was surprised at how emotional I got when Dirk and Kidd took to the podium. Both players have always been on my “greatest to never win a title” list and I think I was just so floored to finally be able to watch them achieve something long deserved. Now if dear old Steve Nash had just stayed in Phoenix, this year may have been his year to get off that list!
  2. April 28th, 2012. 1:20 left in game one of the Bulls/76ers round one playoff series.
    I don’t even have words for this one. Watching it now still devastates me, and knowing what it meant to not just one team, or one city, but an entire world full of basketball fans that would now be deprived of watching one of the most deserving players get his chance to shine. My eyes are actually stinging now at the thought, and perhaps my biggest basketball related fear is that his career highlights are only ever going to be before April 28th, 2012.
  3. John Aloisi kicking the penalty against Uruguay that takes the Socceroos to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
    This was the kick that sent millions of Australians back onto the soccer bandwagon (I will apologise ahead of time for calling it soccer, but unless they change their names to the Footballroos, it is easier). I remember watching this with my dad and even without knowing much about Australian soccer at the time, knowing that I was watching history. Even now seeing a clip of that footage, hearing the commentator yell “ALOIIIISIIII!!” gives me chills. It is just a phenomenal moment and lead to one of my favourite World Cups ever.
  4. Towards the end of Invictus (fictional, yes, but based on the incredibly inspiring and true story so I believe it counts) where the team visits Robben Island and then when the whole stadium erupts after the Springboks win.
    As a proud South African, even though I have no accent to speak of and have only spent a combined one year in the country of my birth, this movie just does something to me. The combination of phenomenal performances and rugby, and knowing that even now the Springboks are still the best team in the world, makes this movie full of really emotional moments for me. Fun fact: every time I watch Invictus I pick up a really odd South African hybrid way of talking for a couple of hours.
  5. The West Coast Eagles winning the 2006 AFL Grand Final. 
    2006 was a rough year for me, not just because it was my final year of high school, but because of a lot of personal stuff that was happening too. Someone else who had a rough start to 2006 was good old Benjamin Cousins. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in a diehard Eagles household watching a baby Ben Cousins play in the blue and gold from the min-90s, but I cannot stop loving him. So watching the course his season took from losing the captaincy, to being brought onto the podium by Brownlow Medallist Chris Judd to be the first to touch the premiership trophy was something truly special to me. In a truly tough year for me, I turned quite heavily to sport as my drug of choice and I will always remember this moment with a smile and a tear in my eye.

Like I’ve said though, there are about a billion other moments (watching the 2010 World Cup opening ceremony, Nadal fighting through back pain this year at the Australian Open, watching the Perth Wildcats win their first championship in ten years, the 2009 first round playoff series between the Bulls and the Celtics) that really hit me. I have a love for sports that any man is going to find difficult to replicate!

Hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day! Me, I shall be watching basketball and getting ready for All Star Weekend.


WAFL Round One

Evening everyone. Today I submitted my first match previews for the 2013 West Australian Football League season which I am very proud to be a part of once again at the Football Budget. In an effort to spread the word and get my previews out before the weekend games (and to help inspire me to write more often) I shall now include them on here though the italicized parts are my own thoughts and tips, extra bits that I didn’t think would objective enough, staunch Bulldog that I am. So here goes, round one!

WAFL leaders Tallan Ames (Swan Districts), left, Paul Bevan (Perth), Brendan Lee (East Perth), Brendon Jones (Peel), Andrew Browne (Claremont), Andrew Stephen (East Fremantle), Luke Tedesco (West Perth), Ryan Cook (South Fremantle) and Aidan Parker (Subiaco) with the WAFL premiership cup. Picture: Steve Ferrier/WA News

West Perth v East Perth
 Arena Joondalup

The first derby of the season between West Perth and East Perth will give both sides the opportunity to show their off-season improvement. While the Royals edged out the Falcons for the last spot in last year’s finals, West Perth head into 2013 on an unbeaten preseason record, with wins over South Fremantle and Peel.
The Falcons have lost a lot of experience in Brent LeCras, Dustin Burns, Dion Fleay and Joel Rice, but the additions of Rohan Kerr, Shaun Marusic, Trent Manzone, Steve Potente and James Embley could help bolster the side’s emerging young players.
Throughout their preseason hit outs the Falcons showed high fitness levels with a handball heavy game, and a high mark count which could open up the centre corridor and frustrate slower opponents.
The Royals will look to play on the wings with the addition of Scott Lycett and the returning Brendan Lee, and with much of last year’s dominant forward line returning East Perth will need Paul Johnson, Josh Smith and Craig Wulff to continue to lead from the front to combat the effectiveness of Mark Hutchings, Shane Nelson and Josh Mellington in the middle.
Steven Browne could line up for his 50th game as a Falcon.

West Perth has always been really strong in their conditioning allowing them to keep up with sometimes more talented opponents. Though they will miss LeCras and especially Fleay when it comes to those tougher defensive assignments they have retained enough of their key pieces and their ability to stay in games they have no business being competitive in should get them over the line. The Royals I think may coast a bit this year knowing they have the influx of West Coast players to come next season, though they too have managed to hold on to the players that helped earn them a finals berth and their forwards are some of the best in the league in finding those players in the forward 50 and creating opportunities. This game will probably come down to whether or not the Royals have enough to contain the Hutchings-led midfield without sacrificing any of their offensive momentum at the same time. West Perth with the win though.

Perth v Peel
 Brownes Stadium

Perth will want to start the 2013 season strongly against a Peel side that will look to a fresh start with a new coach.
While both the Demons and the Thunder are more familiar with the bottom half of the ladder in recent years, both teams have also shown the ability to develop strong young talent that when consistent are high energy and high scoring.
The Demons will once again start the season with a host of new faces thanks to the departures of many key players, though captain Paul Bevan, Matthew Moody and the returning Chance Bateman have given the Demons some consistency in the midfield during the preseason.
Despite having significant player turn over and a new coach in Cam Shepard the Thunder have recruited strongly, with Cruize Garlett, Jarrhan Jacky and Marlon Motlop set to bolster a young forward half, and Paul Bower and James Hawkesley to strengthen the Thunder’s defence. Jacky and Motlop will give the Demons trouble with their unpredictability in creating scoring opportunities thought the Thunder will need to focus on their improved defence and limit the Demons’ movement through the centre.
Sam Butler could line up for his 50th WAFL game for the Demons.

I’m almost certain there is no game that contains so much potential as the Peel/Perth ones. Perth has been unlucky the last few seasons with developing some really strong young talent but somehow not being able to get them to buy into the Demons’ program long-term. Peel have had similar issues though more so than Perth perhaps has shown the ability to string together some convincing wins, giving Claremont one of their first losses of the year last season after being smashed by them earlier in the year. With the allocation of Fremantle players to come next year, I think the Thunder will be able to integrate them better into their team while at the same time still pushing this season. Though both teams have lost a lot of players in the off-season, Ross Young being the most significant for Perth as well as Leon Davis, I think it will be a matter of who has lost less and retained more of a veteran presence among the playing group. Peel this week in a close one for me.

Claremont v South Fremantle
Claremont Oval

Looking forward to some red and white action this year!

South Fremantle will look to start their year with a significant mountain to climb in last year’s premiers Claremont.
The two-time reigning premiers have started their 2013 campaign in good form with an undefeated preseason, defeating Swan Districts, East Perth and Subiaco.
The Bulldogs will welcome back Craig White and Reece Adams as well as a host of other recruits, and have built up a young forward line spearheaded by Bernie Naylor medallist Ben Saunders, Andrew McCarrey and new addition Alistair Gillespie. They have also developed a strong front half press; when the ball is in their forward half all 18 players zone that half of the ground forcing opposition turnovers and making it difficult for opposing teams to get the ball out clearly.
Though the Tigers won all but five games on their way to the premiership last year, including victory in both matchups with the Bulldogs, and with limited player turnover they will look to their dominant midfield to set the tone of the game though will need to avoid underestimating a South Fremantle side that while young up front has remained consistent in defence.
Reece Adams, in his first game back for the Bulldogs after taking 2012 off, and Shaun Bewick could suit up for their 50th WAFL games.

In his first year as senior coach I think Paul Hasleby did a good job in light of all the in season departures. I think he and the team will improve this season though facing the defending premiers first off is a tough ask. The Bulldogs have managed to stay in games due to their defensive pressures though often coming at the expense of their own scoring. They have tendency to get out of the gates slow; games where they score high early on they tend to win but a lot of the times they let their opponents dictate the pace of the game leaving them with a significant mountain to climb. One of the most memorable games last season was the 50 point second half (almost exclusively final quarter) comeback at Fremantle Oval against Perth. The Bulldogs can’t afford to dig themselves in to 50 point holes without the offensive weapons to dig themselves out. Claremont will almost certainly hit the ground running; while they have lost the likes of Kane Mitchell, Tom Lee, Gerrick Weedon and Lewis Stevenson, they have recruited well. Mark Seaby will give the Bulldogs trouble in the middle and though it will be interesting to see how the Bulldogs’ defence establishes itself without Toby McGrath’s imposing presence, and between Saunders and co up front and the seemingly ageless Kris Miller leading in the middle they could keep the game close, the Tigers will end up with the win.


East Fremantle v Swan Districts
East Fremantle Oval

East Fremantle start their 60th year of playing at East Fremantle Oval against a Swan Districts side keen to go one step further against the Sharks after last year’s preliminary final loss.
The Sharks have retained the bulk of their grand finalist squad, with Koby Stevens, Luke Weller, Leith Teakle and Russel Gabriel the only losses. Though with Brett Peake and Rhys Cooyou makes their full-time returns to the club alongside defender James Saville the Sharks will be fielding a side with only three changes from their grand final side.
The Swans will be missing big men Josh Roberts and Ash Hansen from the forward line that saw them lose just five games before finals last year, as well as Marlon Motlop and Jarrhan Jacky from an unpredictable centre unit. Though with the addition of Aaron Elari and the return of Travis Casserly, who have both had strong preseason debuts, the Swans will look to use their continued strength up forward to combat the consistency of East Fremantle’s midfield.
Lewis Fasolo is set to play his 50th WAFL game while Elari could make his debut for the Swans in his 50th league game after three seasons at Perth.

I’ve always thought the Sharks rely a lot on their host of AFL allocated players so it will be interesting to see how hard they push it this year before they are reallocated to Peel and East Perth. The Sharks have managed to stay very competitive not just off the back of their AFL players but with guys like Rory O’Brien (who I think should have polled much higher in last year’s Sandover), Richard Hadley and Brock O’Brien they have should they are able to remain consistent despite the AFL ins and outs. With Jacky and Motlop gone, the Swans will have lost some of the creativeness that would have allowed it to combat East Fremantle’s talented midfield. Hansen and Roberts will be significant losses to their signature high scoring forward line, though they will still have size over East Fremantle they will have to be more conscious of finding other scoring outlets. Ultimately though I think the Sharks will be too good through the centre of the ground.

And to end, a little more Harlem Shake that I found that I feel I will only tolerate as I have a soft spot for the WA amateurs.

Happy Tuesday!

How To Harlem Shake Correctly

Long time no post, which is very much my bad. But I could not resist showing what I think is the best of these utterly ridiculous Harlem Shake videos courtesy of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves:


Dear everyone who thinks it is a good idea to make a Harlem Shake video of your own, this is what everyone else wants to do to you.