Taking Stock: Spring edition #1

After a tumultuous few weeks (really months) I am starting to feel like I can rejoin the land of the living. Work has settled down (though my pile of marking is ever-growing),I’m feeling sliiiightly better about personal life stuff and I’m deciding to focus on the stuff I have in my life that is pretty great. I’m lucky to have a job that I love, a nephew who adores me, friends who will help me if I ask and about 300 books, not counting ebooks, in which to escape when times get tough.

Cooking: Banana bread this weekend. I bought a huge bunch of bananas last week that I felt a bit bad about so I found an easy recipe for banana bread on Tastemade (my new obsession) and it’s delish!

Drinking: I’ve been enjoying a Brown Brothers moscato thing that I love, but that apparently tastes like Passion Pop? Never tasted it myself (surprisingly).

Reading: Torn between what to start next – Gone With The Wind, Anna Karenina or The Odyssey. Yikes but I want to push myself.

Wanting: To wash my hair, but it’s cold and I may go swimming tomorrow so it may be a waste.

Looking: Like a Sasquatch (see below).

Playing: Magic Kingdoms, Wizard of Oz and WWE Supercard on my work iPad.

Deciding: if I am hungry or just thirsty.

Wishing: The pool was on summer hours already. I want to go swimming but winter times are 7-5. Blergh

Enjoying: this exchange with my year 8s: I took off my cardigan one day and one said “Miss do you go to the gym?” Perplexed I said “yes?” and he replied “yeah, I can tell.” I can only assume he was talking about my arms? Pulling my body weight through water will transform arms, but not much else it seems!

Waiting : until it is time to leave the house again for movies with friends – Bridget Jones’ Baby. I read the book (Mad About The Boy) and am concerned about how far away from the book this seems…

Liking: having my house to myself.

Wondering: what are crudites?

Loving: how earnestly Zack is playing at Chin Chin’s memorial.

Pondering: if Christopher will be a big part of the Gilmore Girls revival. I like him but he is a terrible person most of the time.

Watching: Gilmore Girls season 7. Controversial but necessary when there is two and a half months until the revival!!

RIP Chin Chin

Hoping:this movie is not terrible tonight.

Marvelling: at the fact that Netflix somehow knew where I was up to in DVD rewatch of Gilmore Girls. Now I know what more likely happened is that months ago when it first came to Netflix, I started watching it from where I was up to and just haven’t been back to watch it since, but that was so long ago and I can’t remember doing that….

Needing: a big ass wine glass ala Jules Cobb:

Smelling: Banana bread and the smoke from the house back burning nearby.

Wearing: Shawn Redhage singlet, black leggings and my snow leopard blanket. Getting chilly without the sun.

Following: various people on Snapchat. Very into it recently.

Knowing: I will probably have to buy myself either a new modem or a wireless extender, as my router is so far away from my potential new bedroom that it does not have much service.

Thinking: of going in the bath, if only to shave my ridiculously hair legs #wintercoat

Feeling: itchy feet (figuratively). I want to go somewhere new and exciting, but finances and timing always get in the way

Admiring: myself for knowing who Melissa McCarthy was before Bridesmaids.

Sorting: out my pile of marking. I have the year 12s all done (priority), but now the year 10s are on my back about their articles and essays.

Buying: baking supplies and cookbooks. I hope it’s a phase so I don’t end up eating buckets of food every day.

Bookmarking:Spring and summer festivals, i went to Kings Park today (picture above) and I’m very excited for sunshine and spring and anything besides this eternal winter…

Disliking:how cold my house gets. I am not looking forward to my next gas bill.

Opening: my videos folder to switch from Gilmore Girls to Cougar Town soon. I hope that Cougar Town is on a streaming service soon!

Giggling: at how hairy my legs are. I actually look like a Sasquatch:


Snacking: on banana bread. The hidden pitfall of a lot of baking while living alone is that you have a lot of baking with nobody to eat it..

Coveting: a Cul-De Sac crew of my own

Helping: my prac students, in theory. I had two this week, very timid, just out of high school themselves and shot off as soon as I gave them their evaluations on Friday afternoon. Thanks I guess?

Hearing: Lorelai and Sookie being mean to Michel. As if a dog memorial service is not important!


Hope you are having a good weekend!



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