Hell is teaching in a heatwave with no power..


The power went out at school yesterday, leaving more than 1000 teachers and students suffering in a 40+ degree day with no air-conditioning.. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being around young adults during hot weather, but there are two things main things to know:

  1. They do absolutely no work whatsoever
  2. They smell. 

Now you can hardly blame them for either really. I found myself struggling not to pass out and nap throughout the day. What started out at meticulously planned lessons complete with presentations and videos ended up being silent reading and board games for three hours. Silver lining is that I now have lessons planned for today and Wednesday, but it’ll mean we end up being a little behind.

The other thing of note from the power outage at school yesterday was the insane amount of students who just went home because of the heat. It was unbearable without air-conditioning fo sure, but there were parents wandering the school all afternoon to pick up their kids early, just because of the heat. I know for sure that my mother would laugh me out of the building i had asked her to come home early just because it was hot. It’s something that I find absolutely absurd; the laziness of “kids these days” and the willingness of parents to give in to their kids in order to avoid difficulty. It’s on the same level as when students go on overseas trip during the school term – a pain in the butt but not much the teacher can do about it. Kids miss school for so many different (bogus) reasons compared to when I was young, and the expectation now is that the teachers have to go out of their way to catch those kids up, often at the cost of regular attenders.

Maybe it is my Bali bias bleeding through, but I don’t see the point in missing school for those reasons. And then parents are wondering why their kids have missed significant parts of assessments or parts of the course. When you give the kids the opportunity (as I always do) to complete those missed assignments, 90% of them in my experience just let it be and accept the zero. So the missed work and subsequent low marks could have been avoided if not for the work ethic of “kids these days.”

Can you tell the heat drives me nuts?

Hope you are having a much cooler week – Perth is due to have 40 degree days all week!!



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