Top Ten Book Goals/Resolutions For 2015


After some time off from writing (part laziness part busy-ness) I feel like this week’s The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday topic of book resolutions fits well with a renewed commitment to my reading/writing.  I am someone who makes a lot of promises/goals and resolutions to myself (I’m currently deciding what I want my reading goal for 2015 to be, its either going to be 150 books or working my way through the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge) that I have trouble keeping. However I am hoping that this little list is one that I can stick to!

  1. This one is less of a goal/resolution, and more of one of my life’s greatest wishes: that George R R Martin finishes The Winds of Winter this year, and that it is published this year too!!
  2. To aquire and finish reading all of the works of Agatha Christie. I own I would say about 90% of her books, and am left with looking for the odd collation of short stories online. I have promised myself that I would not read Curtains (AKA Poirot’s last case) until I own and read all the rest of her work. This is partly because I (unfortunately) know the fate of dear Hercule and so I want to finish his stories after reading everything else, but also because it was Agatha Christie stories that drove my passion for reading for a long time, and I am a little emotional that is a finite amount of Marple, Tommy and Tuppence, Hastings, Ariadne Oliver and Poirot left.
  3. To finish my Goodreads challenge for next year. I managed this year’s total of 100 only just, with The Monogram Murders finished yeasterday as number 100. Next year I have a full time job for semester one (February to July) but I am ambitiously going to raise my goal to 150.
  4. Review more books on my blog. I love to read, and I love to talk about what I read and am very, very opinionated about what I read. However, when it comes to articulating these thoughts in a written format, I tend to get a bit lazy and/or sidetracked.
  5. Blog more!
  6. Procrastinate less. I’d like to avoid the stress that comes with Report Week at school, and marking assignments when I receive them rather than when they are due to be handed back is merely one of the myriad of ways I wish to be more efficient and positive this year.
  7. Read The Iliad. For Christmas a few years ago my Dad got me an absolutely beautiful boxed set of The Iliad, The Aenid and The Odyssey. Since then, I have had ambitions to read them, however whenever I start I get distracted by other books. This year I would like to finish at least one of the translations.
  8. Read more “classics.” I have a stack of books on my shelf (after trying not to buy any because I have no  space!) and most of them are classic. Top of my list here are The Scarlet Letter, 1984 and Love in the Time of Cholera.
  9. Save up enough money to take my first “grown up” overseas trip. My cousin is getting married at the end of January in South Africa, I’m already starting to hoard everything so I can afford a ticket.
  10. Take advantage of my access to free books, instead of buying e-books all the time. In the course of my first year teaching, I stumbled across many resources online, including many sites that offer free copies of many books, including:
    The University of Adelaide
    Project Gutenberg

What are some of your resolutions, literary or otherwise? Hope you have a great start to 2015!



3 thoughts on “Top Ten Book Goals/Resolutions For 2015”

  1. Love in the Time of Cholera is one of my all-time favorites! My biggest reading goal for the year is to simply keep track of how many books I read–I am actually curious to see how many I read already before I tackle a certain number. I’m also planning to keep/increase reviewing books on my blog–looking forward to more blogging from you!


    1. Thanks Jackie! Good luck with your reading goal for this year. I found my reading stagnated a bit while I got into the hang of my teaching job, but I’m hoping to be able to concentrate on both at once this year.


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