Friday Five: Laying the SmackDown

One of my odd quirks (yes.. we’ll call it a quirk) is my slight obsession with professional wrestling. It all started through my brother; I remember watching Fully Loaded with him and one of his friends while on a sleepover, and while probably not age appropriate (it was the Fully Loaded where Sable and Jacqueline had their bikini contest with the hands on boobs, I was 11, brother was 8) I was immediately hooked. Fast forward to today, where thanks to the joys of the internet I can re-watch all the Attitude/Invasion/Golden era wrestling I like on the WWE Network for just $9.99… Really it’s more, when you factor in exchange rates and what not. But so far it has been a really good investment.

AND it just so happens that half of my year 11 class are very into wrestling also. I have had to stop myself on more than one occasion from letting my lessons devolve into discussions on Raw and John Cena. My actually classroom has even been touched by my obsession; the room number is F5 so naturally I have a poster of this on my whiteboard:

Brock Lesnar F5-ing the Undertaker. Classroom is also called F5, I giggled.

So in honour of this week’s 15 Years of SmackDown celebrations (which I have somehow avoided any spoilers on), here are my top five wrestlers I will always go nuts for if they make a surprise appearance anywhere.

  1. The Rock

    I am so glad I didn’t read any online news feeds this week. The appearance of The Rock on RAW this week was one of the best things I have seen in the WWE this year. Very intriguing the way he was brought onto TV to essentially dial up the heat for one of the young heel prospects. Now however I have read that there are rumours of a Rock/Triple H match at Wrestlemania 31. Which I will also go nuts for, should it ever happen. The Rock is one of my all time favourite wrestlers, actors, gym rats, all around person. For as long as I have been a wrestling fan, he has been right there. And as long as he is doing anything, I will be there SO HARD.
  2. Chris Jericho

    Another one of my lifelong favourites, if not my number one. In a similar situation to The Rock, it was one day earlier this year I was harmlessly sitting down to watch Raw and then BAM!! I am waking my brother up with some serious squealing. Chris Jericho is an insanely talented performer, and the Walls of Jericho is one of the more legitimately painful moves I’ve ever seen (or felt.. there may have been an incident when my brother and I were younger and we tried it out. Never again). I love watching him, and I love watching his early days on the Network. He is still one of the most charismatic and just amazing wrestlers on the microphone, even if I didn’t really like his program with Bray Wyatt. School tie here too; one of my rotating computer backgrounds on my computer at work is good old Y2J, my year 11s don’t get the appeal but that is because they are just babies, too young to remember the great days.

  3. Jeff Hardy (also Matt, and any combination of Dudley Boys and Edge and Christian)

    Almost every one of my favourite matches have been ones where Jeff Hardy is involved. I was watching some of the old WWF vs WCW/ECW storylines yesterday and on the Invasion pay per view is a match between WWF’s Jeff Hardy, the Hardcore Champion, and ECW’s Rob Van Dam. Watching it, it instantly went right up there with the first Elimination Chamber match and Wrestlemania 20 as one of my all time favourites. Those triple threat TLC tag matches also are waaay up there. They formed some of the basis for my early love of wrestling, at first as the young girl crushing on the good looking boys, and now as.. Well as the young lady still crushing on the good looking boys. I giggled all the way through Edge and Christian’s 15th Anniversary SmackDown Show that Totally Reeks of Awesomeness. Love them.

  4. Too Cool (Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexay)

    An odd choice, but young Andrea adored them. Watching Old School Raw a few months ago, both my brother and I went NUTS when we heard that music, dancing along like the 21 and 24 year old idiots we are. I still chant along to The Worm in my bedroom when watching them on the WWE Network, they’re just so much fun. I also just found this, it my be my new favourite video:
  5. Shawn Michaels

    When I came into my wrestling obsession, Shawn Michaels was mostly gone. However, then came that classic feud with Triple H that culminated in the first ever Elimination Chamber Match and one of my all time favourite moments ever. I have loved him since then, enjoyed watching him go through a career renaissance and be the most charismatic man on television. His matches with Chris Jericho are still some of my favourites, and I mega love watching the friendship with Triple H on TV (Side note, I also love watching Stephanie McMahon and Triple H together on TV, seeing that actual relationship come through is something special)

I’m hoping today’s 15 Years of SmackDown is just as magical as I am hoping it is. I want to see a lot of throw backs, and quite frankly I will be disappointed if at least one of the above performers is not on my screen during the program. And thus, one of my secret shames. I watch WWE as a kind of stress reliever, I call my soap opera plus punching. What surprising shames do you have?

Hope you can smell what The Rock is cooking!


UPDATE: Just watched the SmackDown 15 episode, expecting a whole lot of fun throw backs and returns. There three in total, (and really even then, only two that mattered to me anyway) and none of them were even that worth mentioning (although I do love me some Teddy Mack and Booker T, this was the 15th anniversary celebration of SmackDown, you couldn’t pull out one fun return? I would have been happy with some cruiserweight action, or even some Jamie Noble!). All in all, disappointing.


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