Friday Five: Spring/Fall TV

Ahoy-hoy! Long time no post, very naughty of me. Also very naughty of me: doing another list post instead of a more detailed one. Although I tend to over-elaborate on my lists anyway, so its like a “real” post.

The end of term three (shall write about that soon, pinky promise!) brings about the start of the new US TV season. And for a devoted fan like myself, this is better than Christmas. Finally, after a long cold winter, the answers to all our questions are (meant to be anyway) answered. A couple of my most pressing ones have been the following:

  • Who will Rayna choose? Can Scarlett just go away now?
  • Is Damon really gone for good? (although I don’t think the show could go on without him, and be honest with yourself, you don’t care so much about Bonnie).
  • Will Demon Dean do a better karaoke than “Eye of the Tiger”?
  • Having seen Tina moon after boys, and Louise’s first crush, with Gene find love?
  • How annoying will the Frozen/Once crossover storyline be? How annoyed will I get at the Once podcast I listen to for adamantly refusing to acknowledge the fact that Disney is not the king of all stories?
  • Laurie and Travis having a baby?! What?!?!
  • Will Winston ever get less weird?

Among many, many others. At last count (and yes, I am such a TV geek that I keep a list) there are 38 shows that I am going to watch this season. When you factor in the shows that have just wrapped up (e.g. Pretty Little Liars, Broad City), the “midseason” shows (e.g. Cougar Town, Veep, Game of Thrones) and the online shows (Sailor Moon Crystal, Play It Again Dick) that number gets close to 70 if not more. Obsessive? Just a tad. 

If, like any sane person, you are asking yourself: how does she have the time? I was out of work for a looooong time, so I would acquire in the morning and watch in the afternoons/late nights. Now that I have a regular job (yay!) my shows tend to accumulate and I get to watch a few of the episodes in a row. My friend Christine (another TV tragic) prefers it this way, as you can immerse yourself in the shows’ worlds more thoroughly. I’m impatient though, so while I see the logic in her way, there are some shows that i MUST watch the day they are available.

So for today’s catch up post, here are five of the new season shows (i.e, only from this list) that I find myself lusting after the second they are out there:

  1. Once Upon A Time

    Fairytales + Disney + Magic + the occasional Sebastian Stan sighting = one happy Andrea
  2. Bob’s Burgers

    Tina and Linda are my life idols. This is the funniest, sweetest, most unwatched animated show on TV right now. I watched the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode on Tuesday, it truly made me despise both of those shows even more.
  3. The Goldbergs

    Such an unexpectedly adorable show, I fell in love with it at the first sight of Beverley’s Farrah flicks and the immortal Barry Goldberg. Same night as Modern Family but I like it better than the million-Emmy winner.
  4. The Mindy Project

    If you have not read Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out WIthout Me? (And Other Concerns) dooooo it. It is so funny, so real, pairs well with Bossypants and the woman is just awesome. Life idol, plus Mindy Lahiri is the most amazingly well dressed boss bitch on TV. Also, Danny Castellano? Excuse me while I melt in a puddle on the floor. The man is flawlessly flawed.
  5. Doctor Who

    Clara Oswald: English Teacher, amazing bangs, time traveller. She (this season only, I stress. I hated her last year) is everything I want to be. I’m sure I’ll one day do a post on the show itself, but here are my Whovian quick facts. First episode watched: The Unicorn and the Wasp. Favourite Doctor: Current one. Favourite companion: Donna. I will also make an admission that I’m sure is sacrilege among Whovians: I despise Rose Tyler.

And on that slightly controversial note, I’m off to tidy the house and buy goodies for my TV watching night with Christine. What shows are looking forward to this year? Hope you have a great weekend!




2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Spring/Fall TV”

  1. I’m a hardcore Whovian and I 100% agree. I do not like Rose at all. It’s not the character’s fault; I just really don’t like the way Piper speaks. Like I really, really dislike the way her mouth moves when she speaks. I have nothing against her as an actress, and it’s not something she can control, it just is what it is.
    My favourite companion is Rory.


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