Friday Five: Beauty Stuff

Despite having grown up in the world of modelling, I have never really been big on beauty and make up and all that regular girl stuff. I’ve very lucky to be blessed with hair that does anything I ask of it (and as an African girl, this is even more bizarre) as well as problem free skin and in-fashion eyebrows (I could be wrong, I have been told I have no fashion sense by two of my most trusted friends). So I have never really invested in expensive beauty treatments (not that beauty treatments need to be expensive) or invested a lot my time in my appearance. I realise this probably manifests itself in various issues I have, but besides my fitness I’ve always been fairly happy with the way I look.

Today I thought I would make a list of the beauty items I do ascribe to and that I think are must haves; for the woman who has plenty of time on her hands, but choses instead to watch Bob’s Burgers and read Hello Giggles in her pyjamas.



Strawberry Lip Smacker

I actually can’t remember when I first used Lip Smackers, but I do remember having at least 16 of them, including a metallic/pastel set that was Australia themed. Strawberry was always my favourite though, and when I was old enough to be earning my own money I soon found a triple pack with the original Smacker, a gloss wand and a squeeze tube. I used the wand and the tube to death, but now in my “maturing” years, I prefer to go for the original Lip Smacker. I’m lucky enough that my lips have a natural pinkish hue to them, so the strawberry makes them look like I have a coloured gloss on.


Sunsilk Longer and Stronger shampoo and conditioner

I recently read a fabulous review of this range, and it made me very happy that I’ve stuck by this product since I was capable of buying my own hair products. While my mother swears by Redken, I preferred the most affordable Sunsilk range, especially once I saw one branded as “Long and Strong.” Anyone who knows me knows that I love my long hair, and always think it could be longer. I’ve never cut my hair shorter than an inch below the shoulders, and even then I was mourning the loss until it grew back. I have never had any issues with this combo, and I too love the smell of it!


Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide.

I use this when straightening or blow drying my hair, or when my hair needs smoothing down. I use a pea sized amount before straightening, running it through my hair. It does err on the oily side, so I don’t use it if I’m at the end of my hair washing cycle. But It’s suited all my mousse/gel/hair needs since before I was a teenager, can’t go past it.


Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Eyeliner

As a girl with glasses, I don’t tend to go big on the eye makeup, however I do like a good brown eyeliner. I found a good Cover Girl one that I use with a white liner on the bottom of my eye. I feel like it opens up my eyes, and makes them stand out more behind 1cm of glass. (actual size, I’m that blind). Unfortunately while the mascara still seems to be around, the eyeliner has been discontinued (or at least disappeared) so I’ve been hoarding my last pencil.  

Oil of Olay Moisturising Lotion

One of the few things that I’ve carried on through my child modelling day to now, is my use of Oil of Olay face moisturiser. My granny used this product everyday, and my mother does too, and it’s kept their faces smooth and soft. Fortunately age is on my side and I’ve not yet had to shell out for the more expensive face rejuvenation products, but Olay is still more than enough for my face, and easily acquired too.



What low maintenance (read: lazy) beauty products do you use? Hopefully you put a little more effort in than I do, I hear it works wonders!



One thought on “Friday Five: Beauty Stuff”

  1. Great five, I remember when Olay was Ulay , that and Pond’s cold cream were just about the only choice of skin care available, it do my Mum or Grandmother any harm x Dawn,(I have Friday five on my blog if you care to take a look)


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