Taking Stock 2

As today is the 17th of the month, I think it is perfect time for my second lot of Taking Stock. Revisiting how I was feeling exactly a month ago has been a very interesting experience, predominantly because I NOW HAVE AN ACTUAL PAYING JOB AT AN ACTUAL SCHOOL!! Which, in case you couldn’t tell, I am over the moon about, and has significantly abated a lot of my sad sack ways. Also in the past month my mother has been on an amazing holiday in Europe, several of my closest friends have purchased or are about to own their own homes, and I got my baby (my desktop computer) back! I am so excited to see what this next month will bring, and I am just so ready to finally be taking those steps into actual adulthood. 

My excitement manifested in stationary purchasing.
My excitement manifested in stationary purchasing.

Making: A mess in my room in my attempt to clean up.

Cooking: A meat pie for dinner, which I eat as if it’s a bowl of meat instead of a pie. I’m odd like that.

Drinking: Water out of my pink Smash bottle.

Reading: Beautiful Chaos, the third book in the Beautiful Creatures series. I watched the movie a couple of weeks ago and surprisingly loved it. I’m a sucker for a Southern accent.

Wanting: Summer, a single digit sized body, a house of my own.

Looking: At my current computer and desk set up and wondering how to give myself more space.

Playing: Civilisation V for the first time on my desktop computer in a year, I mega love it.

Deciding: whether to finish cleaning my room tonight, or instead continue my marathon of The Office season 8 and 9.

Wishing: I had a house of my own.

Enjoying: the fact that I have a job!!!

Waiting: for Mummy to come back from her European adventure on Sunday. Which is also waiting for my Dolce & Gabbana present from Italy.

Liking: all my preparations for school on Monday.

Wondering: if I should wash my hair tonight.

Loving: that I have a job, and that I can start saving for an actual future now.

Pondering: if I should re-read ASOIAF now that the fourth season of the show has ended (still, although I think I might be too busy this term to read much recreationally).

Considering: adding some baby veg to my pie.

Watching: Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute in a prank war

Hoping: that I have a good first week of school next week.

Marvelling: at the fact that my brother seems to sleep for around four hours at random every day. Weird boy.

Needing: to quit being lazy.

Smelling: my raspberry candle burning on my desk.

Wearing: my Perth Buffers long T Shirt and black leggings with my panda bear slippers

Following: the escapades of a paper company in Scranton, PA.

Noticing: That I really need to clean my bedroom (Still!!!).

Knowing: I need to get my stuff together and sort out a personal timetable for work and other stuff.

Thinking: about boy, buying houses, dinner, school, books, Jon Snow, Lyanna Stark.

Feeling: Despondent and frustrated, but yet determined (About the opposite of this right now! I’m so grateful for the opportunity I am about to embark upon next Monday).

Admiring: my friends and anyone with careers/houses, Jennifer Lopez and Diana Taurasi and Amy Pond.

Sorting: Clothes into need and charity piles.

Buying: Ikea furniture, Star Wars stationary, colourful work clothes.

Getting: excited for work on Monday

Bookmarking: Beautiful Chaos.

Disliking: having not enough hours in the day, current living circumstances, current lack of organisation, current physique.

Opening: my oven to check the progress of my pie.

Giggling: at Dwight Schrute.

Feeling: so pumped for Monday. Repetitive but still, I have a job so I don’t care!

Snacking: on all the wrong things Today was a bag of Cheese Curls, second to only Nik Naks in the South African cheese-based snack department.

Coveting: A house of my own

Wishing: for a teaching job that still allowed me to be able to stay up until four in the morning. Ha! (And as my teaching job does allow for that thanks to being 0.6 and late starts, I’m on top of the world!)

Helping: not much this week, to be perfectly honest. I did make brownies yesterday, which my brother enjoyed.

Hearing: An outstanding Dwight Schrute decree.


Hope you have all had an amazing month as well, and here’s to an equally as exciting Taking Stock 3 in August!



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