Cliché Afflicted

Short one tonight.

One of my best friends, someone who I talk to everyday for hours and hours and truly value their opinion above anybody in the world, just told me that I talk/write in clichés and it is “super annoying”

As someone who prides myself on my writing and communication skills, I feel super offended by this, however I’m also wondering if this is a common thing, or perhaps my friend is just being a douchebag or even perhaps this is something that I actually have a problem with.

What are your thoughts, those of you who write? Would you be similarly offended or introspective, or am I just overreacting?



2 thoughts on “Cliché Afflicted”

  1. I think any writer would be aghast to hear such a thing. You should ask your friend for specific examples. From what I’ve read on your blog, I don’t see anything I’d consider a cliché. Keep in mind that everyone is a critic . . . but, quite honestly, I can’t imagine saying such a thing to a friend.


    1. Thanks, I appreciate the reading. I usually do just take criticism like that, especially from that person, pretty lightly, but it was very out of the blue and caught me off guard, I used to write for an Australian Rules publication and I’ve found with sports it’s difficult to steer clear of cliches so I’ve always wondered if that seeped through to my other writing.


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