Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t



This week’s Top Ten I could have written about for pages and pages, and because of my tendency to read more than one book at once there could have been a much longer list. I will begin with the one that’s most recent to me, Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dreamby H. G. Bissinger This one I am wary about reading when I can’t invest a lot of time into it. I recently watched the first six episodes of the television series and I literally got emotional and near/in tears in every one of those episodes. So while I am very eager to read the source material, I have been on the opening two chapters for a few months now because I think I want to make sure I am emotionally ready. Weird, I know, but I get emotionally invested in almost everything very easily! Continue reading Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t