10 Years Later, There’s A Little Bit Of ‘Friends’ In All Of Us

Greatest of all time. Even now, as many times as I have seen every episode of the show, it still has the ability to make me howl with laughter even in my darkest moments.
Love your friends just as much as you love your Friends!

Thought Catalog

As the 10th anniversary of the beloved sitcom’s final episode airing approaches, we take a look back at our favorite Friends that truly grew to become an integral part of our lives—or maybe they already were, all along.


1. Chandler

Chandler embodies the slight awkwardness in each and every one of us: the one who uses puns to get out of sticky situations, fart noises to ruin sentimental moments, and a weird sense of humor to mask our insecurities.  Plus, would any of us really be able to come up with a better response than “Gum would be perfection?” if trapped in a bank vestibule with Jill Goodacre?

2. Monica

Monica is the part of us that knows that it is perfectly okay to like things a certain way and to slightly freak out if everything is not precisely to our pleasure… Even if this means having 11…

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