ATTN Marshmallows: Veronica Mars – My First Thoughts

Dear Americans and other people not in my timezone (Perth, Western Australia),

I am at this very moment deeply sorry for you, as you have to wait a whole day to view the epic that is the Veronica Mars movie. While I purchased it off iTunes (a first for me) at 9pm March 13 Perth time (so midnight March 14 Australian iTunes/AEDT time), that would have roughly been 9am March 12 for you guys, which is just too long of a time to wait.

I will admit that I was a wee bit sceptical about how this beLoVed (see what I did there?) television show would translate into a movie. All of those doubts though were shattered within the first oh I don’t know, 30 seconds? The tone of the movie is not only a match for that of the show, but in places is heightened at moments you would expect cinematically. It had all the wry wit, voiceovers, call backs to dognapping and Corny and Clemmons, moments that made me squeal and gasp and give me chills all over. There is one character in particular that surprised me in the movie in how much they changed between show and movie, but in a good way (hopefully after seeing the movie you will know who I am talking about and appreciate the struggle in shielding their identity here). While in the show they didn’t stand out a great deal in comparison to their frequent scene mates, I was surprised at how invested I was in their story through the film, especially because it is one that could continue should there be more movies. They serve as a sort of reminder of what the show was all about: the seedy underbelly of a small town with glimmers of hope for its redemption that ultimately get quashed by the basest desires and fears of humanity.

I’m going to try really hard not to spoil any plot points here, but just wow. I am still just buzzing over this movie and I honestly don’t think I have enjoyed a film this much in a long time.

Without spoiling anything, here is a little PMI (plus, minus, interesting) chart from my first (of what will likely be 23 million) viewing of my most anticipated movie in a very long time (I will update it in about a week or so to give people the chance to watch the movie, at which point it’s really your own fault if you spoil something for yourself. I hardly blame the internet and the entire world for spoiling the ending of Breaking Bad for me even though I haven’t watched a single episode) :




Deputy Leo.
Yummy. Although there was a little bit of Schmidt in the perfomance I suspect. Also his hair was very much lacking compared to the luscious quiff he last sported in VM.
Gia Goodman. The Gia in the movie was not the Gia that I remember from season two. Perhaps it was the content of the movie, or the fact that the characters are all now ten years older, but she was a lot more serious and “blah” than the fun loving Gia of old. The role of Lou Cobbler. Without giving anything away I was intrigued by his addition to the 09er group. I think it speaks to the depth of the show and the actor that I found myself genuinely questioning if I had maybe missed this character on the TV show.
The new Sheriff Lamb. While I did miss the rapport between Don Lamb and Veronica, I was interested in the new dynamic within the sheriff’s office brought about by Don’s older brother. Daniel Lamb is much more abrasive that his brother, although Don had the benefit of a much longer time frame to explore his character. Leighton Meester.
Not to take anything away from the actress who played Carrie Bishop in the movie, but considering the role in the movie wasn’t exactly extensive, I don’t see why Leighton Meester couldn’t have taken time out of her schedule to film for a couple of days. Carrie Bishop in the movie is a pop star, which seems like it would have worked well for Leighton Meester, not to mention probably better singing also.
The ending of the movie (at first viewing ) was a little ambiguous in what happens to the new Sheriff Lamb, and I’m not too sure how I feel about the implied ending. While I think everyone knew that Veronica’s comeback to Neptune would change her future plans, this definitely wasn’t the direction I expected it to go. It would be interesting to see Veronica navigate Neptune now as an adult with law school behind her, but I just don’t think she would be able to abide by the law for longer than a minute.
Jason Dohring in a white Air Force uniform.My God I just about died.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Barely any Kanes.I understand that the Kanes wrapped up their stories with VM in season two, however they are such a huge part of the show and of Neptune that I was disappointed in the minimal involvement of Neptune’s first family. Celeste pretty much just served as a cog in the sheriff’s storyline, one that could have been easily interchangeable. Again, without spoiling, her involvement and who in particular she interacts with could have easily led to some nice callbacks to Lilly. The movie does a good job in exposition of establishing how Lilly’s murder brought Logan and Veronica together, and the ways in which it changed both of them, but I have always thought there was a third person who was deeply affected by her murder that never got the chance to show those effects. Eli Navarro.My goodness he took me on a rollercoaster ride in this movie. First squealing at the first glimpse of him, then gut wrenching gasps, then “Weevil and Veronica, take 2” excitement, then “Oh Weevil” come the end. The relationship he has with Veronica was one of my favourites in the show, one that while different to Wallace was equally as familial and protective. I would have liked to see that dynamic more in the movie, but I know that you can’t exactly please everyone!
Neptune High reunion.The entire sequence from Veronica’s refusal to go, to her eventual interaction with Madison St Clair, to the main action and fisticuffs between the boys and (what I loved most) Clemmons and Veronica having a moment on the stairs. I think all our lives have been boring without you, Veronica.

I have a million more things that I like, I will try to keep the updates to a minimum but I am about to watch this movie again, so I’m sure something will come up soon.

Savour the one hour and 48 minutes of this movie Marshmallows, it was a phenomenal experience and one that I want more of!



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