Thought Catalog Thursday: 10 Struggles Every Female Sports Fan Knows

This is my life. I almost take it as a point of pride when guys are surprised at the level of my sports devotion and knowledge, while at the same time insulted that they think that little of me and the range of my interests. One of the funniest things that often happens to me as well in the course of my WAFL writing is people saying “You must meet a lot of guys” to which I answer (a) no, I actually don’t and (b), the WAFL and AFL footballers that I have met are almost the opposite of the guys I do like.
Sports is in my DNA, as a proud Saf girl I think I may have been disowned by my hockey/rugby/football/ice skating/basketball family if I was anything less than passionate!


Thought Catalog

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1. No, we’re not “into this” to “impress some guy.”

I honestly have yet to meet “some guy” who is actually impressed by the kind of grotesque screaming that happens when you mix a female sports fan with beer, a bar or a stadium, and her team. (If you are this guy, call me.) It is an otherworldly transformation like the veela of Harry Potter’s lore, especially when her team is down. There is something completely wonderful in being able to just express ourselves so loudly. Everyone should do this more often.

2. We don’t need help understanding what’s going on, but thanks for your concern.

Sports are actually pretty simple. They have to be in order for so many rules to be remembered by the people who are more focused on getting a ball from one end of a field to another. Even if you…

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