Look at what I talk about! (Day 66)

Look at what I talk about! (Day 66)

My final unit of university consisted of integrating various ICT (Information Communication Technology) into my teaching. We learned how to use many, MANY different tools (I must have signed up for at least 15 different things in the space of a week) but each and every one of them were fascinating to me. I found that I could use almost all of them in my own teaching, and that I wish I had done this unit before I went on my internship (when I was supposed to!!) because there is so much to be mined out of these tools in the classroom.

One of the more fun ones that I have been playing around with is Wordle. This is pretty much similar to the Tag Cloud here on WordPress in that you input a list of words and the online program generates an awesome looking word cloud graphic showing you which words and terms come up the most. In this instance, I put in the URL of my blog (you can do this as long as the site has an Atom or RSS feed) to see what I talk about most.
Apparently I truncate my posts quite a lot, and really talked about the newest Hobbit movie!

Fantastic tool to play around with, and not just for school. This ICT unit has been one of the most fascinating over my many years of studying, and I’m hoping to use them to create resources and programs while waiting for that all important Employment call. Hope you guys have a great week!


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