Date A Girl Who Bakes

Dear men of the world.
All this and an endless supply of baked goods? Get up on me!

Thought Catalog

Date a girl who is determined to stay all night to bake a hundred red velvet cupcakes for a brunch the next day and still ends up with a smile on her face. She’s someone who is patient enough to bake cakes, pies and brownies from scratch. She’ll slave over this stuff but forgets the struggle once she sees how beautifully whipped up her creation is.

Date a girl who doesn’t cringe at the thought of the sugar and fat content of whatever she creates. She knows about the impending doom of weight gain from all the taste testing and might even promise to cut down the intake but her need to achieve baking perfection overpowers the fear of adding inches to her waistline.

Date a girl who never gives up after every mistake she’ll make. She’ll have the ability to point out where she went wrong and corrects it…

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