The Casual Vacancy (Day 29)


I promised myself that when I read this book I would come at it with an open, un-Potter-encumbered mind.

I’m a huge fan of multiple perspectives in narrative, first and third person, and I think that they were employed well here to fully immerse the reader in the minutiae of small town life. I like how all the characters’ lives intersect, and that there are things you hear in one section that then pay off in another character’s story.

I kept waiting for something to happen with Andrew’s EpiPen, but I was surprised at where it ended up. I was expecting something to happen with Andrew having to use it, but I liked how it was tied back to Krystal at the end. The story of her being the only one who realised Andrew was having an allergic reaction, and Andrew’s recollection of it, for me epitomises her character. The placement of the anecdote within the narrative (and the unexpected way it was then linked to the reason for the Mollisons’ opinion of her) made it resonate and bring the story to a bittersweet conclusion.

Krystal for me is one of the most nuanced and complete characters I have read in a long time. Having different characters’ perspectives on her helped craft her better I think compared to any other character. Samantha for example to me seemed nothing more than a bored housewife, though in saying that I think that each character was given something as a sort of justification for their behaviour, whether a valid justification or not.

Overall I really enjoyed The Casual Vacancy. There were Potter-esque tones to it at times in the depth of character and setting descriptions and in the ability Rowling has to immerse readers in a world, but not so much that you were constantly reminded of it.

I’ve also managed to read the Divergent series of books this holidays, which I also enjoyed and shall write about at a later date.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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