A Southern Hemisphere Christmas (Day 25)

I have been terribly lax with my blogging aims, but it’s been a busy time of year so I’ll use that as an excuse. But today is Christmas Day, so it’s all downhill and holiday fun filled from here!

Although I know Rolf Harris isn’t exactly in public favour at the moment, I still love this song around Christmas time. One of my earliest memories is listening and singing along to this in kindy, and it’s impact was so much so that even now it is still one of my favourites.

This song was written in Perth, Western Australia, in 1960. Rolf Harris was working at a television station with an American named John D. Brown and, thinking it was crazy to be singing Christmas songs about snow and ice when the temperature was around 40 degrees (Celsius, so about 100 F), they wrote this song. And I think that it is a wonderful story of the generosity that should be embraced at Christmas time.

Merry Christmas to you all! (Or Merry Christmas Eve if you’re not on the 25th yet)


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