Friday Five: Obscure Ingredients (Day 20)

With Christmas coming up I am in a bit of a clucky homemaker mood, and looking at different recipes for Christmas lunch ideas. I was watching Nigellisima and Nigel Slater the other night, and some of the ingredients just seem absolutely ridiculous, and yet they intrigue me. So for this week, here are five of the more obscure ones I have come across this week:

Celery salt (Used in a pork/lamb chop marinade)


Raspberry vinegar (Used in a sweet and sour beetroot and onion dish)


Cocoa Fusilli Pasta (Main component of a butterscotch and pecan pasta)


Vermouth (probably not too obscure, but both Nigella and Nigel used it in almost every dish and I’m never come across it)


Chili Oil (which just looks like a bottle of oil with chilies soaking in it..)


Hope you have a great weekend and cook something scrumptious!


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