Vampire Update (Day 11)

So I thought I’d give a bit of an update on my Vampire Diaries progress. I’m about to start watching episode 11 of season four, however I have to admit to cheating just a little bit. Ever since I started using the Vampire Diaries Wikia page and found that they had transcripts for every episode, I have read some episodes more so than watching them… However, that is more so a time saver than a sign of disinterest; I am still very much getting addicted to this show. The parts of episodes that I tend to skip over are the Stefan/Elena angsty parts (except for the compelled truth or dare scene, that was AWESOME!) and a lot of Matt. I really just don’t like him much; he started out all happy human, then Vicki died and he was very emo, he went away for a while and when he came back he seemed like an entirely different actor (I actually went and looked up the character on the wiki I was that confused, but apparently just a voice deepening growth spurt). The only time I like him is when he’s being kick ass, and this is mostly because of all the characters on the show, he one of the very few non-supernaturals that goes out and risks his life. I think I’ll just dot point bits and pieces of my experience with the show thus far, as my thoughts are a little bit all over the place:

• Klaus: Hated him initially, don’t like him much now except when he is with Caroline. He becomes so much more human and hunky when he is with her, and whenever he shows real emotion.

• Jeremy looks so much better with short hair than with the early season floppy hair. Another character that I enjoy because of his lack of supernatural, though with this hunter thing that’s now changed.

• Poor Rebekah. I probably love her most out of all the characters, and all she wants is to love and be loved. She’s the most loyal out of all the characters; even after Klaus stakes her (a million times) she maintains that he is her family, same with Esther. I like to think that if I could be any character on this show it would be her, except I’d have a thing for Tyler and not Matt.

Damon sitting on Alaric’s gravestone and talking to him may have been the closest I have come to crying at this show so far

• I understand that Bonnie and most of the witches we’ve met have been Bennet witches or descendants, but surely there are Caucasian descendants of the Original witch too? Bonnie annoys me too, she always straddles the line between wanting to save Elena/the vampires, and wanting to restore the balance in nature as a witch. Pick a side already.

• Caroline and Rebekah could take over the world if they worked together I think. I love them both so much, and they both do bitchy mean girl so well that I would love to see them direct that at someone together (please hopefully this Hayley werewolf).

That’s all for now, hope your week is going well!



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