Jotting down some Vampire Diaries (Day 2)

The Vampire Diaries (season 1)

Being on holidays and having a plethora of time on my hands, I am trying to be open to new experiences. In light of that, I let one of my friends talk me into giving The Vampire Diaries (the show) a go, despite all my misgivings. So far, three discs into season one, some of those misgivings have been upheld.

I was apprehensive that a series called The Vampire Diaries wouldn’t be filled with angst and sure enough, I was right. This series I’m finding has a lot of the same atmosphere of Twilight, but Nina Dobrev is about a billion times more engaging to watch that Kristen Stewart. Mystic Falls is very similar to Forks although there are a lot more characters that have been fleshed out. The problem with this is that it means some storylines get picked up and dropped spontaneously. For example, I am currently up to episode 15 of season one, “A Few Good Men” and this is the first I am seeing of Jenna and the adoption story since Jenna discovered that Alaric’s  wife’s name is the same as Elena’s birth mother. And Alaric too, maybe it’s because of my love for Blue Crush but I find his character so fascinating. What is with the ring? Is he a vampire or merely hunting them? Is his wife Elena’s mother?  I’ll admit that I am getting hooked by this show, but it’s not by the supernatural elements.

One of the other issues I had with this show was that Stefan and Damon are both known to me as different character; Donnie from The OC who befriended Ryan and shot Luke, and Boone from Lost who slept with his stepsister Shannon. So part of the challenge for me with this show so far is viewing Stefan as the good guy and Damon as the bad one. I’m more drawn to Damon, but I think that is because for me Stefan is an Edward Cullen doppelganger.

As a CW show, there is excellent music and a little bit of self and genre-deprecating humour which is refreshing. I’m also liking how they focus on characters being let into houses, showing shots of their feet going over the threshold regardless of supernatural status, it’s a good little throwaway to never being able to really know people. I’m still trying to figure out if Alaric is a vampire! I am still very amazed at how at ease this town seems with vampires (more in terms of their existence as opposed to their attitude towards them) as well as witches. Bonnie just kind of goes with being a witch without too much introspection or disbelief, which also makes the world of the show a little bit harder to believe in (although as I am also watching American Horror Story: Coven at the moment, so I may be a little bit spoiled for TV witches and OMG ITS JULIE COOPER!! JULIE COOPER IS MRS DONOVAN!! Winning me over a little bit more now). I can see what they are trying to do with making it as realistic as possible, but as of right now I’m finding True Blood the more believable “vampires in society” show of the moment.

Again I am only about halfway into season one, and you can probably pinpoint my exact whereabouts within it by my Julie Cooper excitement, so this is nothing more than my first impressions. I am a huge fan of fantasy so there are still plenty of chances for this show to win me over completely. And hey, I have heard that there are werewolves coming up, and I am nothing if not Team Jacob.

Still fangirling over Julie Cooper looking and sounding and acting not unlike Julie Cooper in The Vampire Diaries,

PS: Surprisingly I have not read the books for this show, and as I am also just diving into it a lack of spoilers would be appreciated!


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