Friday Five – This Week I…

  1. …Am two exams closer to the end of my teaching degree, yay! Now I just need to find a job for next year to get rid of all my unemployment anxiety and you know, to be getting paid. One and a half years of no regular employment tends to get under one’s skin.
  2. …Also got closer to buying my first car, a 2005 Mitsubishi Colt, at a discounted price from a friend, so I am currently on the most stringent and tight budget in the world. Basically if I want it, I tell myself “No.” Next week my uni friends want to go to Bread in Common, the new fancy pants place in Fremantle to celebrate the end of exams. Not exactly within my budget, and not really my style either. However my idea of beach + esky full of beer + barbeque was not well heard, unfortunately. So I am predicting a very minuscule meal for me that night. Thursday of course is Catching Fire day, which I am hoping will be my only other major expense for the fortnight, because of course I am going to go see the new Hunger Games movie the day it comes out.
  3. …Have acquired two more Audreys, Robin and Marian and Wait Until Dark which I am so beyond excited to watch! Despite the fact that I should be studying, I feel that she is a worthy exception (Watching Wait Until Dark as I write this, and so far no Audrey 20 minutes in, but it is soooo noir already that I am in instant love)
  4. …Am going to Dan Sultan at the Ellington on Sunday night! Listening to his new song “Under Your Skin” over and over again, and watching the film clip, I am just so much more in love with him. It’s a swooning that I really cannot compare to anything except the “Jason Coleman” feeling of my high school years (If you happen to known me, you know allll about -this. Also who am I kidding, I giggle now just typing Jason Coleman heehee!). This will be the third time I have seen Dan live, and the second time at the Ellington (The first was at the Fly By Night in Fremantle, with Gin Wigmore there too), which is just about one of the coolest places I have ever been! It’s so swanky and jazz, I would so rather spend all my money there than at some hipster-looking restaurant in Fremantle.
  5. …Am interrupting my study (Audrey at 22 minutes in! Good Lord she is stunning) with a rewatching of Gilmore Girls. Ill-fated? Possibly, although my two exams thus far have gone quite well I think. Currently up to “Hammers and Veils” in season two and I had forgotten how much firstly I loved Max Medina, secondly how baby Jared Padalecki was in season one and thirdly how overt the Lorelai/Luke tension was so early on! This is the first time that I think I have really noticed it but it really puts Luke/Rachel and Lorelai/Max (and Lorelai/Chris) in a new light.

Back to studying I go, sigh,



2 thoughts on “Friday Five – This Week I…”

  1. I loved Max Medina! I wish Lorelai got married to him 😥 Also, I hate Rory for rejecting Logan-I will never get over it. EVER.


    1. I was always a Rory/Jess fan, but I warmed up to Logan in the final season, and the episode “You Jump I Jump Jack” with the Life and Death Brigade is my all time favourite.


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