Music Monday: Songs that say “Girls are Awesome and Boys Suck” (AKA Spice Girls Volume 1)

As a female born in 1990 I am (obviously) inherently familiar with the music of five English girls who went on to conquer the world.

I have every album, every DVD, can recite Spiceworld The Movie down to the credits at the end, and know the dance moves from their first world tour concert in Istanbul like the back of my hand. If a Spice girl is involved in something (and yes, I am treating “Spice” as a proper noun, because well duh) be it television, music, movie, reality show, stage show, I am there. I am probably not going through the greatest of times in my personal life but whenever I am feeling down and particularly pissed at boys, I turn to these five girls who remind me that girls are awesome, independent, sassy, scary, sporty, posh, ginger and adorably baby. And that no matter what happens I have great girl friends who love me and will not hesitate to get up and karaoke/dance with me when I say “yo, tell me what you want;” no matter what happens I have the guardian angels of Spice watching over me and fervently reminding me that I’m the bomb!

This list (which I’ll have to curb at four to keep from overdoing it, and save some for me to talk about at another time) are songs which instantly have me up and dancing and smiling.

If You Can’t Dance

Opening song of the Istanbul concert, and subsequently the one that I know the second most dance moves of (number one is “Stop” but that’s another story!). It was one of the joys of my life to sit my little sister down last year and watch this concert with her. For the record she wants to be Baby which I gladly relinquished to her after years of having to be “Baby” among my friends because I was always the youngest. I always love Geri’s Spanish bit in the middle, and that despite years of listening to it I still do not know what it means!


If you wannabe my lover, you gotta to get with my friends. As the first Spice single I think this is a crucial message to impart upon the girls of the world. In this sense “get with” obviously does not mean hook up with; rather form a relationship with, understand them, be approved by them. In short, if my friends don’t like you/ you don’t like them, then I don’t like you. Wise words, plus it is one of the single most uplifting songs that EVERYONE knows the words to. EVERYONE.

Who Do You Think You Are?

I made up my own dance to this song, which was my ringtone for almost my entire high school experience. The video clip is just filled with the most vivid colours, so much so that when you listen to the song it bleeds through. Vocally the song doesn’t take itself too seriously, the only way I can think to describe it is that it just sounds like a party.

Step to Me

This song just for me has some grunt to it, I don’t know if that’s because it’s a big Mel B/C song and while B’s voice is just gravelly and gritty and awesome, C just lets rip and growls and belts amazingly. It is such a strong song; I listen to it and I think “yeah, he should be stepping to me! Screw trying to fit in with what a guy wants, I should be in control!”

Spicing up my life and hopefully yours too if only for a little while,



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