Summer Intentions Circa 2011 (and 2013/14)

So while browsing my old documents I found this, from August 2011 for Summer 2011/12. I have a feeling I would have been in the midst of a serious winter funk, very similar to my current one, although some of the items are a little out there for me anyway:

Summer Bucket List

  1. Take photos everyday chronicling my summer
  2. Compile said photos into an epic photo album
  3. See the Monkey Mia Dolphins
  4. Fill up an entire colouring book
  5. Participate in a charity walk/run/event
  6. Do 50 sit ups every day
  7. Eat a different fruit every day of the week
  8. Buy a pet goldfish
  9. Finish a new book every fortnight
  10. Play a real game of poker with real money
  11. Watch a foreign film
  12. Stay out all night and watch the sun come up
  13. Drive to Augusta
  14. Bonfire on the beach
  15. Lord of the Rings marathon
  16. Repaint my bedroom
  17. Go to the art gallery
  18. Beach Picnic x4
  19. Get a job at a bookstore
  20. Join a sporting team
  21. Go to Tiffany’s
  22. Go to a concert
  23. Buy a bouquet of flowers
  24. Spend an entire day in the garden
  25. Hold a dinner party

 I really want to do this come summertime, only three short months away. Hopefully I remember everything here, I rather think that it would make for a very entertaining summer, especially as my last summer before I (fingers crossed) become gainfully employed.


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