Books and Basketball Volume 1


So I have been a busy girl this past week, and haven’t gotten around to much writing.  However I have just gotten back into my massive pile of unread books (both paper and electronic) which I am very pleased about as it had been accumulating far too much for my liking.

The book I started this evening is 100 Things A Bulls Fan Should Know And Do Before They Die by Kent McDill. As a mad basketball fan I am constantly flummoxed by the relative lack of quality books on the subject besides player biographies. But the ones that I have managed to find intrigue me enough that I am forgoing so called “classics” to take a big bite out of the spoers section of my unread book list.
Side note, the other basketball ones on my list are:
The Black Pearl by Cal Bruton
The Jordan Rules by Sam Smith
Mahervellous by Boti Nagy
The Art of a Beautiful Game by Chris Ballard and
The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons.

So far (I’m only up to #12 of 100) I’m finding this book very informative, as I was but a child during the three-peats, but I’m also enjoying the less formal approach and the way the author is conveying his voice without it becoming too overt. I am looking forward to this book, as a Bulls fan but also using it to learn about the team I love. I really like how it’s not just focused on those 90s golden years but that McDill looks at the early years, the Jordan hangover years and at this current team.

It’s also looks like a very good way to distract myself from the ears of a Rose-less NBA season. Hopefully by the time I finish reading and analysing it I can also be watching and analysing a healthy Rose play. My tip for his first game back is mid March, against the Lakers. That’s what I’m hoping, praying, yearning, dreaming, wishing and waiting for (is it super obvious how much I love the kid yet?).



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