Love and Basketball

mj val
You send me this, I’m probably gonna wanna marry you. Fact.

Valentine’s Day.

I’ve always been ho-hum about it, perhaps due to my lack of romantic valentine over the years, but to me I’ve always seen it as a celebration of love not just romantic and erotic but altruistic and familial as well. My mum was the first person to wish me a happy day today, and one of the best gifts I’ve gotten on a February 14th were notes and flowers from my two best friends when I was 15. Don’t get me wrong; the day that I am fawned over and showered with presents and tidings from the one person I love with all my heart will also be the biggest swooning day of my life and I will probably become even more sappy and girly than I already am. But for now I am content to spend the day, even if it’s alone, doing what I love and with people that I love. Thanks to the delightfully schizophrenic Fremantle weather I was robbed of burgers and beach with my two best friends/soulmates but I spoke to all the important people in my life today and I’m feeling quite content!

Didn’t have too much else going on today besides watching a kick ass Chicago/Boston game on ESPN. Seriously no two teams grind it out and pull out the desperation plays even when undermanned like the Bulls and the Celtics. The effort and rivalry and bitter respect between the two teams continues to astound me with every game I watch. If someone were to find me a copy of all the games in their classic 2009 first round playoff series I would literally marry them. On the spot.

Ending the day was some cookies and ice cream and Notes On A Scandal. An apt choice at the start of my teaching adventure but one I still found both alarming and fascinating at the ease that those kinds of things happen. It also taught me to beware the spinsters who befriend a young seemingly innocent new teacher; they’re probably as harmless as they appear until you get a Barbara Covett. Then you should run. Fast. Though I will say I was in love with Cate Blanchett’s hair throughout this movie; it is exactly the full fringe, mid to short length and wavy but not too curly that I have always wanted.

Oh Marc, you are my favourite Gasol.

Here’s hoping to more days like today with good basketball and even better evenings!





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