Forever New


Morning all.

I have been very lax on the whole blog thing in the past, but I figure now new year new start! Especially as today is the day I am heading off to start a new post-graduate degree (in secondary English teaching) at the gorgeous University of Notre Dame in Fremantle.

So I start today with the intent to write something, even if it’s only small, every day of my new degree and beyond. After all, I have this year and a half old Journalism degree that is gathering dust in its frame. I am resolved to continue being as confident and awesome as recent events have led me to become, to continue to work hard because it’s always worth it, and to not let anybody or anything get me down. Because newsflash, I’m young, almost hot again, wild and free!

So for today I will leave you with the song that I heard about a million times during my final year of high school and that I cannot get out of my head today, because it reminds me that no matter what happens or how old I get it’s never too early to start again and I will always be young, and I love it!

But for now, I am off to my first lecture of the year!


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