Golf Course Hip Hop

Had an excellent interview today for the marketing coordinator position at Melville Glades Golf Club. I am quickly realising that this job fits three of my dream requirements:

  • Less than half an hour from my house,
  • Sporting organisation,
  • Media based.

Which of course is now making me desperately yearn for it. Do have to wait a week and a half before I find out though, which will be a drag. Should theoretically use the time to pursue constructive activities; writing, reading, working out, writing, cleaning, writing. But of course there’s just too many distractions. This evening’s procrastination (though I like to think of it more as a reward for my splendid interview) is brought to you by the ever fascinating Geordie Shore and The Catalina.

In other delirious news today I went to my first dance class (hip hop) in well over eight years. And while I can already feel my knees stiffening and know that tomorrow will be a bitch, it was the best fun I’ve had in a very long time. I went with my very oldest friend (as in not old, but we’ve been friends for 20 years), her boyfriend and his mother. Jess, the delightfully boisterous and creative hip hop teacher was just amazing, though my friend though she was a bit weird I could see almost at once that she was my kind of person. She rambled on about herself from nerves, but her passion for what she did and sharing it with others just shone through. She reminded me of my last dance teacher, so vibrant and thinking two moves ahead while the rest of us work on the two before.

I quickly found myself settling back into that old familiar dance mentality; watching first Jess then myself in the mirrors, muscles remembering how to move in certain ways, hips hitting that emphasising beat. The hour went by way too quickly (the boyfriend for anyone interested went and sat in the car after the third time Jess said “body rolls are sexy when a man does it”) and I’m finding myself wanting to enroll in classes for every night of the week. I cannot believe I let myself go so long saying “oh, I want to do dance again” on a regular basis and never doing anything about it, partly out of fear that my body wouldn’t be able to do what it used to. Besides the slight satisfaction at Jess recognising I had past experience without me mentioning, and at picking up the routine relatively quickly, it’s probably the most relaxed and confident I’ve felt in a long time, body issues and all! Dancing has always been something special to me, not the ballroom or formal styles, but for me more the ones where I can sink my hips into a beat. Better believe that if I had enough space in my bedroom, or no housemates, or less pain in my knees, I would be blasting out some Janet and just going to town, being happy.


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