New Year, New Resolutions

After an absolutely amazing New Year’s Eve spent with two people I love more than anything in the world it’s once again that time to evaluate and reflect on the various goals and ambitions I have for the new year. Admittedly mine have been constants of some sort for a long time, but this year I am determined to see them through!

  1. Get a full-time job doing something that continually challenges me.
  2. Get fit and healthy again and stay that way.
  3. Find and join a basketball and/or football team, remembering just how much I love the sights. smells and sounds of playing basketball and football.
  4. Save up money to be able to get a car.
  5. Go to Melbourne with my favourite in March for the final Wildcats game of the regular season (and hopefully squeeze in some MCG action).
  6. Go to Margaret River in early March for the Drug Aware Pro with my down south favourite (and undoubtedly my favourite Boston Terrier).
  7. Go to more live music and theatre, and more sport if that’s even possible.
  8. Cook a big meal for friends/family at least once a week (using my brand spanking new Nigella Lawson cookbook!)
  9. See the friends and family I see all the time more often, and those I see less even more so.
  10. Save up travelling money for America (2013) and Brazil (World Cup 2014)
  11. Make my way through the extensive and ever-growing stack of books on my bedside table instead of buying new books at my current rate.
  12. Have fun, so much of it. Make sure to have many, many more nights akin to my first night of this beautiful year!

Some are vague, some are more specific, some are driving me to new lows of self-doubt already but I remain optimistic as always and excited about the year ahead. Someone wise (if you consider Summer Roberts and The OC wise, which I do!) said how you spend New Year’s Eve is how you spend the rest of the year. If that is the case then I can’t wait!


PS: Thanks to this page for the inspiration and the picture, much love!


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