Operation Sunday: Phase One

Today has been a very significant day and a huge win for me. A while ago I set myself certain objectives for myself that I wanted to achieve by the end of the year and today marks the completion of one of my three goals. After a long, long, LONG time I am finally road legal! Today, the first day of summer, I went to the licensing centre in Willagee to do my hazard perception test and get my driver’s license.

When I got my second phase and the log book package there was a CD ROM with a practise test on it, but the CD was from the early 90’s I’m guessing (it said Windows 95 compatible). Installed it on my computer fine, and went through the instructions but the CD decided to work right up until the practise test part, making it less than useless. When renewed my learners a few years ago I was still under the old laws, meaning I only had to complete 25 hours in however long or short a period of time I so chose. But when I passed my practical driving test and got my log book the girl told me that I had to wait six months between my practical test and being able to take the hazard perception test. So, contradicting information.

In a classic display of my unfortunate procrastination, I only rang the Department of Transport two days ago to discover that I was indeed able to do my HPT whenever I wanted. Delighted beyond belief that I would be able to have a summer of driving rather than having to wait until January 24th, there was a scramble to get signatures witnessed yesterday. So about four years after getting my learners I have finally finished that part of my life!

This now leaves me able to concentrate on finding a job and other significant goals, ideally before the end of the year. Which I realise gives me 30 days, not a lot of time considering. Call me naïve but I believe it will happen, with a lot of hard work and dedication Operation Sunday Morning will be wildly successful!
(The name by the way comes from two things: 1) New Year’s Day 2012 is the deadline I have set for myself, and it is a Sunday and I will be amazingly finished by then and 2) it is part of the title of one of my favourite songs that I have a very special memory of me and a friend singing in the car on the way home)


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