What Would Audrey Do: The Beginning

Recently I succumbed to Amazon UK’s free shipping and bought about 20 or so books (I wish I was exaggerating). One of the ones I had been excitedly waiting for is Pamela Keogh’s What Would Audrey Do? Basically part biography part how to live like Audrey Hepburn bible. As a devoted fan of the great lady there are parts of her life and career that I would love to emulate; her strength in the face of adversity (and boy did she face adversity!), her level-headedness, her passion, her dedication. One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen I would love to have a figure like hers. Her characters and films are timeless, and an inspiration to millions everywhere.

Realistically I know that I can’t immerse myself in a fictional character and expect to model my life after it. It’s a pretty notion but a naïve one, hiding from problems and the real world doesn’t make it go away. Truman Capote’s Holly Golightly and Blake Edwards’ while yes, are in some aspects miles apart, have the same flaws and traits that instead of follow I would rather do the opposite.

In both incarnations Holly is entirely dependent on others to make her way in the world. She is lying to everyone, projecting this “Holly Golightly” persona to escape from the real world problems of being Lula Mae. I’ve done my fair share of avoidance, and have learnt time and time again that it does absolutely no good and sooner or later you will have to deal with those problems which Holly does eventually.

An article I’ve read by Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti always sticks with me when I get those “wanting to be Holly” notions. One of the many points she makes about the cautions of idolising this story is “Lula Mae has tried to create a new role for herself as Holly Golightly, thinking that if she just plays the part, the rest will fall into place, and to some extent it does. But in the end, Holly is a sad person with a life that is empty.”
(Read the rest here, it’s a brilliant read for lovers and critics of the character!)

And so I am determined to embark on a quest to not be Holly Golightly, but rather become a strong, grounded, dedicated and accomplished young lady not unlike Miss Hepburn.

One of my dearest friends told me to set goals where I am the only variable, things I can do for myself without depending on others. This friend is very wise, and I’d be stupid not to listen to him. After reaching graduation, and the elation that it came with i realised that I need to take the next step, achieve even more to better myself. And because frankly, the pure joy I felt walking across the stage knowing my (too many) years of hard work had finally culminated in this achievement is second to none.

In keeping with that, my own short term goals consist of the following:

  • Find a new job that I can be challenged and excited about,
  • Get my driver’s license, which will consist of completing my hours (14 and a half left as of today) and passing the Hazard Perception test on January 24,
  • Save up money enough to buy a semblance of a car,
  • Write/read proper news (not just the back pages)/blog regularly to stay in touch with current affairs,
  • Experience the city I live in and have a ball doing so,
  • (along with a couple of more personal ones!)

Of course if a William Holden or Humphrey Bogart type of fellow happened to cross  my path, I’d give him a second look (though in saying that I think I’ve come across my Bogart once before)!


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