Wonderful Afternoon For Loving

Wet grass.

Seemingly harmless old ladies screaming “Haselby you wanker!!”

Flag boys.

The squeals of boyfriend chasers in heels running for cover while the regulars just pull on their ponchos and squint through the rain.

The kids and old men who try but can’t jump the fence.

The little girl who’s brothers won’t let her have a kick.

The physio girls flirting with the runner boys.

That one family who think it’s a good idea to feed the seagulls.

The little girl who then steals the ball from her brothers and ends up booting it further than either of them.

Watching the seagulls land in the middle of the ground, then fly away when the ball comes near them.

The first gamers, usually exchange students or adorable little English kids, who ask “is that a foul?”

The odd looks from people trying to figure out why this girl is taking notes in the rain, and who is she?

Umpires meticulously warming up.

Dodging bird poop.

The whining that kicks in at three quarter time.

Old men listening on the radio while they are watching the same game.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I defy you to find a better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. WAFL footy, God I love it!


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