Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Here We Cooooooome!!

In 'The OC' this is the Bait Shop club.
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When the weather gets this kind of chilly and all you want to do is snuggle up and hibernate there’s really only one place I like to go. It’s nothing like where you live, and nothing like you imagine.  

There are many TV shows that I know will put me in certain moods. When I’m feeling in need of cheering up I go straight to “Friends” or “Parks and Recreation.” When I’m feeling lost its “Gilmore Girls.” When I’m in the mood to look for clues and solve mysteries it’s “Veronica Mars” that I will head to. As this dreary and frosty weather continues I head west; first with one of my new favourites in “90210” but the main event on these winter days is always, always, always only one show.

The OC is a show that is very special to me. It’s something I share with my closest friends, something that I turn to to pull me out of whatever rut I get myself stuck in, and it reminds me of being young and in high school (despite how not long ago that was).   

One of my earliest memories of The OC is of year 10 Society and Environment on Wednesday mornings (the day after the new episode had aired) and most of the class discussing Summer versus Anna. Then sitting in the resource rooms not having religiously watched the show yet but reading up on it online and picking our favourite quotes.

For my sixteenth birthday, my birthday in year 12, one of my friends got me The OC Mix 5 CD and by the end of the year I had listened to that CD so many times that I could write out all the lyrics and almost every song had a memory attached to it.  “Hide and Seek” became the song that was played over and over again on the loudspeakers at Mt Buller when I went with one of my best friends on the school ski trip. “Rock and Roll Queen” was the song I sang along to with one of the girls in my TAG while waiting for our teacher. And naturally “Forever Young” was played at least twice at our year 12 ball.

Sometimes I think I’m a child of The OC. Partly because I graduated high school the year they did on the show, I started uni the next year just like Summer and even now I look at characters in other shows and situations and think things like “he’s so Ryan Atwood” which may be bordering on super weird. I started calling one of my best friends “Coop” just because she was social director in year 12, and I still do now on occasion.

But I think it’s only natural for a show that was such a phenomenon during such a formative time in our lives to have an impact on them. Fortunately for me it’s the kind of impact that has me longing to live by the beach, road trip to TJ and hang out at the Bait Shop instead of dramas, shootings, car crashes and earthquakes.

And I’ll always be a Summer or at least want to be!


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